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Thomas Ginter’s 911:Asked Questions V2

Thomas Ginter cannot be obvious to dial 911. So My Country Mobile (MCM) is where I answer questions from customers and prospects every day. You can see the complete series here.

Thomas Ginter Emergency Solutions

A wireless mobile phone can make a 911 call and connect the caller with public safety by Thomas Ginter solution. It also displays the current location of the cell tower to the caller. This location may be miles away from the actual site of the call or down the street.

911 call takers will not listen to the original mobile phone location but will ask the caller where they’re at. The call taker will also retrieve GPS location information from the wireless carrier (i.e., AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile). It can take between ten and thirty seconds to recover the location from the wireless carrier Thomas Ginter. This will display as a dot on the map. This location does NOT provide a dispatchable place. However, it is the location that first responders must find to help callers. If applicable, dispatchable addresses may include the street address and building, floor, or apartment number.

When setting up service, Thomas Ginter subscribers will usually provide the physical address or dispatchable location of a device monitored by a smartphone app, such as a home security cam. MCM routes an emergency call to the subscriber based on the camera address. It then displays the address information to them. As a result, these calls are more reliable than wireless 911 calls and can be routed to the exact location needed by public safety for the fastest response.

It is possible to save valuable time by asking panicked callers, Thomas Ginter, “Can you confirm that you are at 1010 Main Street Apartment 5 here in Raleigh?” rather than “Where are you?” These are the types of problems MCM’s services can solve.

Can I create my app or software to initiate a 911 call with the device’s native dialer?

No. The app blocks any application from making a wireless 911 call. Thomas Ginter Customers who use the Emergency Calling API have a better option. Their app can place a call at an MCM-provided telephone number. We match the caller’s location to the ring and use that data to route the call towards public safety. 

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