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The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond

The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond Philipp Nattermann and Karolina Saer-Sidor analyze how the crisis has affected the telecoms industry and what lies ahead. Below is a transcription. The COVID-19 incident has caused the most significant impact on telecoms. This is because the telecoms industry has become an integral part of modern society. Think about how many people needed to work from home and log into the system–videoconferencing has been booming; file-sharing has been booming.

Karolina Sidor Public Health, Karolina Saier Sidor: This is a crucial example of how telecom operators have risen to this challenge and supported the transformation. They support contagion mapping. They have even The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond in virtual clinics. So many of the same steps that once took months to implement, such as forming partnerships, can be done in days or even weeks. Philipp Nattermann. Telecom Italia has been an excellent example of 917 Area Code resilience and strength in dealing with this crisis. It switched from having its only experience as a call center agent at a local call center to having 3500 agents work from home. All 7,000 agents work from home now in less than 72 hours.

The future for the telecom sector in 2020

Karolina Sauer-Sidor. Businesses are similarly working differently now. This is why new products are in The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond and a new way of selling and servicing customers to support digitization. This includes a faster move to the cloud and an as-a-service model. As a result, both artificial intelligence and automation services are highly sought after. Philipp Nattermann. Therefore is more important than ever to have a reliable, stable, and reliable internet connection. They are willing and capable of paying more for fiber optics. I believe that 5G connectivity has the potential to be 240 Area Code more than just connectivity. In other words, 5G may attract more consumers than just connectivity. It could almost be a form of insurance.

Karolina Sidor. Operators are now exploring the possibility of offering higher-speed services. However services include entertainment and digital business development services. Philipp Nattermann. Many companies now realize the importance of communicating with their employees over a broad The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond  network. This is why I believe telcos can be an attractive option for the future if they share their propositions.

Karolina Sauer-Sidor It is common for operators to collaborate within therefore telecom sector. Philipp Nattermann. What are the best apps to do safer homework and track the spread of virus infections? How can remote education be made more effective? How can students in similarly remote areas get the same quality education as those living in urban areas? These opportunities offer excellent growth potential for telcos. The telecom sector in 2021 and beyond Saier-Sidor, Online Entertainment. Fully online education. Virtual museum visits and virtual tastings can also be done online. Telecom operators must think about therefore future. How will they be able to contribute to society and the communities in which they live? and should be also read it Glasvezel Providers

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