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The Essential Guide to SMS Enabled Phone Numbers

We know that you are tech-savvy. So, we won’t waste your time answering questions from SMS Enabled DID 101. Instead, we will explain SMS-enabled numbers and what to look for when you are looking.

SMS Enabled DID message is a growing market, with over 5 billion texts being sent each day via America’s wireless networks. As a result, the popularity is growing for applications that allow users to communicate with their mobile devices via SMS-enabled phone numbers (also known by long codes). The only limitations are the imagination of an app developer and a source of SMS-enabled numbers.

Long codes are phone numbers specifically designed to work with SMS Enabled DID. They are not like “shortcodes,” and they look just like regular phone numbers. Service providers and developers use long codes to send voice traffic and text messages. They connect the wired and wireless worlds, allowing people to communicate via SMS across IP-based and wireless communication platforms.

Is it challenging to obtain SMS Enabled DID?

VoIP-based messaging providers have difficulty breaking into the SMS Enabled DID market. Two messaging aggregators in the United States own the binds to wireless operators. These aggregators are very selective about the origin of their network traffic, so it is usually impossible to work directly with them to reach the carriers they support.

It is essential to know that Tier 1 wireless carriers have a stringent policy about accepting messages. If they can’t tell you, they may consider your SMS Enabled DID traffic suspicious and block its delivery. So This can present significant challenges for anyone who wants to use SMS Enabled DID in an application or service.

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How does MCM fit in all this?

This is not possible for everyone. However, my Country, Mobile, is one of the few companies that can deliver SMS Enabled DID telephone numbers. This means we can give you numbers in the relevant geographic markets you are most interested in. We’ve been doing this for years. We work with both established and startup companies and give them access to powerful APIs and customer development resources, just like we did for Pinger.

Our network is ours, and we have the connections to connect your service or texting app directly into the global wireless infrastructure. We only support the IP-based communication needs of our customers. We are one of the most important providers of US phone numbers. Many of the country’s top providers use our SMS Enabled DID. This allows us to help you launch and scale up your SMS Enabled DID service or application quickly.

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We also offer all the services you would expect from a top-tier provider. So We have the largest all-IP voice network in the country. We support it 24/7 with a team who doesn’t believe you need to know anything about ILECs or CLECs, or what an extended code is to create an app that allows a million people to communicate in ways that phone companies could never imagine.

What are you waiting to do? Get in touch with our telecom experts today to start using a DID.

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