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The Death of The Desk Phone

It seems that the days of an Office Desk Phone cluttered with landlines plugged into phones are over. Instead, companies are abandoning desk phones to make them more cost-effective and encourage employees to be involved in the workplace. So what are the causes of the decline or death of the desk phone?

Communication diversification Office Desk Phone

There are many options available for communicating with your Office Desk Phone. You have many options for displaying in an office. These include email, messaging using Slack, video chat with services like Skype for Business, and phone calls. There are many ways to get in touch with someone. Workers increasingly prefer the phone over email. Younger workers and millennials prefer messaging channels such as Slack  SMS to phone calls. Unfortunately, also this means that desk phones are left unused.

Mobile Workforce

According to estimates, half of the U.S. workforce could be mobile by 2020. Although I admit I am not sure if that assessment is correct, it is a fact that more businesses are using remote workers. So Many of these workers rely on messaging to stay in touch throughout the day. If they need to make a phone call, they use their mobile phones or Office Desk Phone.

Office Desk Phone for SIP and VoIP

Many businesses are actively reducing the use of Office Desk Phone in their offices. Why? The reason? 75% of employees don’t want to use them, even though most companies still provide them. According to IDG, new desk phones cost companies an average of $8.1 million per year.

This is not all. SIP voice services allow businesses to give their employees the ability to use the services and devices they like while saving money on equipment not used.

Divorce your defunct desk phones

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