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The Benefits Of SMS For HRIS

SMS for Human Resources has come a long way. Most of our records are now digital. In addition, the modern Human Resource Information System has helped automate tasks that used to take hours or worse, days for HR specialists. This gives them more time to spend on actual people. However, this does not mean that HRIS cannot be improved and connected to employees and companies in other ways. Employers and employees both benefit from the integration of SMS for Human Resources. Let’s look at how SMS integrates into your HRIS and why it is essential.

SMS for Human Resources

If you are on the job hunt, it can make a difference whether you get an early interview and impress everyone or the 17th person to be interviewed by someone who has already decided.

ZipRecruiter, for example, has integrated SMS for Human Resources so that potential employees can receive SMS notifications about job openings that meet their criteria. This integration is significant for two reasons.

  1. You can’t download an app with another notification that you may ignore.
  2. We open SMS for Human Resources quickly. More than 90% of messages are opened in 3 minutes or less. That number grows closer to 100% with time.

This saves job seekers the hassle of constantly monitoring their email or job boards for new listings. Instead, they need to input their information once, and the leads will come to them. In addition, this allows them to concentrate on their jobs or other searches.

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Businesses can integrate SMS for Human to communicate with potential employees and current employees. For example, SMS integration into an SMS for Resources allows firms to send reminders and emails to employees (Steve is currently on PTO, so don’t email him). You can also get alerts about the weather (snow day!) ) or schedule a time for open enrollment discussions (check your calendar, Karen).

Due to the volume of emails we receive at work and the lack of access to our inboxes outside of work hours. SMS integration allows businesses to use—their Humans Resources to send critical communications to employees via a channel.

Integrate SMS for Human Resources

These are just some of the many use cases for SMS for humans. We didn’t talk about toll-free SMS or high-Human Resources volume messaging using A2P messaging. Find out which use point is a good suit for your Human Resources. So, learn more about how SMS can help businesses, one of our SMS experts to speak with them.

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