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7 Benefits of Short Codes for Business

Messenger Short Code, There are many options for your business when choosing the number you use for text messaging. These include local numbers with 10DLC and Messenger ShortCode. Also, there is the option of using messenger pigeons (?). Okay, that last one is not the best. It can be overwhelming to choose the correct number for your business. This is why I am here to share the seven benefits of shortcodes.

1. High volume, Messenger Short Code

Do you need to send multiple messages at once? This is why Messenger Short Code was created. With more than 98% of all text messages opened, text messaging is still one of the best and most effective ways to reach your target audience. You can get a larger audience than any other type of communication by using Messenger ShortCode.

2. Mobile-friendly Marketing

When was the last occasion you used your phone to make a phone call? Our mobile phones are used for shopping, bill payment, also text messaging. You can quickly send marketing messages to customers using Messenger ShortCode. They will respond where they are most likely to see them.

3. Simple to remember Messenger Short Code

Let me be transparent; I only remember four numbers: my own, my wife’s, also my mother’s. I also remember my parents’ home phone. However, customers can easily remember Messenger Short Code, 5-6 digits in length. Secure customer information

The 7 Benefits of Short Codes for Business Messaging - My Country Mobile

4. Secure customer information

Online security is a concern for all of us. Two-factor authentication, which encrypts your customer’s information (login credentials, account information), is a great way to protect them and show that you care about their security. In addition, you can easily send an authentication code to mobile devices using Messenger Short Code, thus protecting your customers.

5. Messenger Short Code can be scaled.

Messenger Short Code can scale and perform at scale. Do you need to reach 100 customers? Done. 100,000 customers? It’s easy enough. Because shortcodes can climb to achieve your desired reach, they are ideal for urgent and time-sensitive customer outreach.

6. Better consumer engagement

Customers open texts at a higher rate than usual and engage with them. In addition, you can use Messenger Short Code to send customers follow-up surveys, rewards, or reminders about upcoming events and deals.

7. Inspire consumer confidence

Customers may receive a lot of fraudulent emails and calls. So, This has led to a decline in trust for these channels. However, customers can be confident that they are receiving legitimate messages from you because of the steps involved in obtaining a short number.

Connecting with customers

Messenger Short Code can be an excellent option for text messaging for your business. Not the least because they have been around for a while, and people are already familiar with them. So You can avoid traffic being blocked, you should follow the CTIA guidelines regarding opt-ins and use a designated short code. see also build call.

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