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Texting Vs Chat Which Makes Sense?

People want to communicate with Chat or Text businesses. However, they are now more inclined to use channels previously reserved for friends and family. As users seek to share with companies more flexibly, they increasingly turn to message and chat services. What are the pros and cons of texting vs. messaging services and live chat? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Chat or Text Services

Chat or Text services can refer to many different things. It’s most commonly associated with Facebook Messenger. However, we will also include other social channels to receive private messages from companies (like Twitter DM).

These services have two significant benefits. First, they’re mobile so that you can access them from your mobile phone. Second, asynchronous Chat or Text allows users to send messages to businesses during off-hours with the expectation of receiving a reply later. While some users might use chat services to help them in an emergency (e.g., DMing their cable company to cut off service), it is not the best way to communicate with either party.

What are the cons of Chat or Text services? First, they require users to download an application if they wish to connect on the move. These accounts and associated apps may be used by many of your customers. However, it may not be necessary for all users to have them. This may hinder some users from reaching you if they are the primary channel you depend on for communication. You will need to download the app and create an account with these services. This may turn off some users from contacting you.

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Chat Online

Customers at work or home find it easier to Chat or Text online with businesses than conversing on the phone. There are many options for online chat, including integrated options used by companies like Verizon to provide customer support and opportunities such as Drift and bootsplash, which can be added to any site and used both as a sales and customer service tool.

Online Chat or Text pros and cons can vary depending on how well integrated they are. For example, your cable company might require you to log in to your account to allow the agent you are chatting with to access your information. You may need to share information with other services, which are more basic, but they can be an excellent way for you to answer questions quickly or start sales inquiries. see also short code.

What are the disadvantages of online chat? It’s not like Chat or Text services such as Facebook messenger, and it’s not asynchronous, so you have to keep an eye on it. It doesn’t require you to download an app. However, mobile-friendly apps are not familiar, so it’s more likely that someone will be at their desk than walking down the street. Bootsplash, for example, integrates SMS, Facebook Messenger, and voice calling into its online chat tools to provide a more seamless experience.


We love to send texts. Texting was once done only with our family and friends, but it has become a popular way to communicate with businesses. So why should companies consider texting to connect with customers?

Chat or Text services have many advantages. They are mobile (because we carry our phones everywhere) and asynchronous. There is no learning curve because everyone can text. Since our phones can instantly send us text messages, there is no need to download an application. This also means that you don’t have to set up and manage your account, which can be a problem for many people. You can also send photos and text. This is great for specific industries like insurance or real estate. What about the cons of texting? There aren’t many. Most people are happy to use their mobile phones for communication and would rather have a landline or home phone than their mobile number. you can also read this variable.

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