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Texting & the Super Bowl

We have decided on the AFC and NFC champions Super Bowl on the Phone. The LA Rams will face off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII (or 53, if you aren’t an ancient Roman). So let’s take a look at the text messages people send during Super Bowl LIII and how businesses use them to communicate with customers during this most-watched sporting event.

What is everyone talking about during Super Bowl on the Phone?

Our favorite sports teams are ours, and the championship match is a great time to text and call family and friends to support one or the other. However, there’s more to the Super Bowl on the Phone than the two teams participating in it. So what are people texting and talking about during the Super Bowl?

The Game

It’s insane, I know. But people keep messaging each other about the sport. There’s so much talk about the game, whether it’s players, plays they love, bad calls, or coaching decisions.

The Ads Super Bowl on Phone

Many people tune in to watch ads during the Super Bowl on the Phone. After the Super Bowl, there are news segments dedicated to them. YouTube is a great place to find that ad you missed or rewatch an ad you liked. In addition, there’s much talk during the game about which ads people love and which ones they don’t.

The Halftime Show

The halftime show, much like the commercials, is a significant reason people tune in to the Super Bowl on the Phone. Maroon 5 will be the headliner of the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show. The performance, the choice of performer, and the song selection will be the subject of much discussion on February 3.

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What about the Super Bowl: Can businesses text during the Super Bowl on the Phone?

It’s great to have your friends, and you text each other about the blown call or the excellent throw Brady made Gronk for a touchdown. (c’mon ….we all understand it’s coming). What about businesses? What are their options for getting into the Super Bowl on Phone texting race?

One of the most common methods is to encourage you to text them to place an order for service. For example, super Bowl ads promoting Super Bowl on Phone fans “Text ‘PEPPERONI PIZZA” to 123456 are a quick way for them to grab a halftime snack. see also texting vs chat.

The NFL is also involved. For example, they have sent texts to the audience with a URL in the past to let them vote for the Super Bowl MVP. In addition, causes often join the fray, asking you to text to register or donate.

Go on!

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