Ten Reasons – Why Messages Not Delivered

It is easy to forget how quickly instant messages get deliver. There are many reasons why an instant message is not convey. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of message delivery issues. You pay for each message that’s sent and those that are sent.


Please don’t trust me! Here are ten reasons why messages not delivered

1. Some unacceptable type of phone number was used

Firstly, there are two sorts of informing A2P (application-to-individual) and P2P (individual-to-individual). If you are a business that sends messages to clients, you will most likely be occupied with A2P. This means you must use the correct type of number. These numbers can include shortcodes that are complementary or nearby and specific numbers that are endorsed for high volume informing (also known by 10DLC, ten-digit extended code). The transporters will block you if you use an inappropriate number to send hundreds of thousands of messages, including an unsanctioned number near you.


2. The transporter hailed your message as SPAM.

Your message may not have been SPAM. If something in your message or the way it was sent raised a banner at a carrier, it was deem SPAM and blocked. Although the transporters adjust their rules for sending and receiving instant messages (SMS, MMS), each transporter has its own rules about SPAM. These rules can help you avoid getting your message block as SPAM.

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3. The beneficiary can quit messages

CTIA’s best practices outline clear guidelines for how organizations can ensure clients can stop sending messages. For example, not sending messages to clients who have quit will result in those messages being lost.


4. It had a connection to it.

Not allowing a connection to be sent in instant messages is a red flag. While there are ways of getting it done (more on that beneath), attempting to incorporate a connection, even one as astounding and educational, can get your message to impede. If you are looking to integrate contacts, ensure that you do it correctly.


5. The number of messages sent (an excessive amount of notes)

Since there are restrictions on how many messages you can send depending on the number you use. For P2P traffic, numbers assigned to you (usually your nearest telephone numbers) can send one message per second (MPS). It should also be possible to send and receive coordinated notifications. You can make your messages less effective by sending too many or making them uneven.


6. The message was sent to a number that couldn’t receive it.

Landlines can’t get texts. It’s valid. Despite all the innovations, your home phone is still limit to making and receiving voice calls. It will not be transmit if you message that number. Because of this, why messages not delivered.


7. The transporter could not convey the message/network issues

Many times, the transporter may not receive the message all the way. The recipient may be experiencing a problem, a clog, or other problems that prevent them from completing the conveyance.


8. The message contained a dangerous abbreviated URL

To get your message impede, I mentioned including joins (it was number 4 on our list). However, you can include a connection if you use a connection shortener. It would help if you used the correct type. It would be best not to use shorteners such as bit.ly and google. These shorteners can cause your message to be block.


9. The message contained an illegal substance

You can send messages that include illegal substances, such as grown-up content, medication references, or another crime reference.


10. The collector grumbled about this message type to be sent to the transporter

While you may be following all the guidelines, someone might have a problem with your message. Maybe they aren’t sure if they signed up to receive texts. Perhaps they have decided they no longer need them but don’t know how to stop. However, if the transporters have complaints about your readers, they may stop sending them.

Therefore, because of these reasons, why messages not delivered.


Reward Secret Reason: Can you be sure that it was not convey to you?

My Country Mobile’s most common blunder is the simple break. It’s a fancy way of saying that your beneficiary has probably turned off their phone. It could be that they are on a plane somewhere over Springfield, MO, or they forgot their charger at home and lost their phone (#beenthere). It doesn’t mean that your message was not sent. However, it does indicate that it didn’t get deliver within the first few minutes. Know more about 

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