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Telecom Awards 2019

My Country Mobile won the Telecom Awards 2019, Client Experience Greatness Class. In addition, My Country Mobile was awarded the honor of the client experience excellence class among the six waitlists. Hence, This is the second successive year. A board of nine telecom award specialists and investigators independently decided which honors were bestowed on telecom discounts. So, administrators and their environment accomplices around the globe.

Telecom Awards 2019: Customer Service Excellence

Information Services Group (ISG) has deemed My Country Mobile. After all, this is a major global innovation warning and examination firm. The Stevie Awards awarded My Country Mobile a SILVER decoration for Best Utilization of Technology in Customer Service Telecommunications Industries. Our accommodation included our SCDx recommendation. It also validated our Remote Work (WFH) and other arrangements. Telecom Awards 2019 honor viewed My Country Mobile as a vast setup administrator who could use innovation and client centricity with agility, adaptability, and flexibility to address the needs of endeavor and specialist organizations during the pandemic.

Transporter Community is a restricted worldwide industry-organizing platform for discount telecom specialist cooperatives. In August 2020, Berlin hosted its fourth Annual CC Global Awards. A board of 13 telecoms specialists and investigators decided the honors. So Telecom Awards 2019 give awards to telecom discount administrators who made significant advancements in the field and their environment accomplices around the globe.

Telecom Awards 2019
Telecom Awards 2019

2020 Peak-Tech Laureates after telecom award 2019

We are considered a winner under The Peak Tech Laureates 2020 Connectivity class, coordinated by Singapore Press Holdings. Therefore, this grant helps us share our responsibility for building a lighter-footed, more advanced future with our clients around the globe. I am assisting Large Enterprises in Choosing Telecom Awards 2019 Best Telecom Service Provider for the Year telecom award in 2019. Frost and Sullivan Director ICT Practice complimented My Country Mobile. However, Sullivan said that My Country Mobile had become a significant brand in Indian telecom and is now a well-known name among large enterprises.

Large Enterprises in Choosing Telecom Awards

My Country Mobile uses Telecom Awards 2019 aggressive deals design to provide a modified and different experience for specific client types and portions 207 areacode. My Country Mobile has been a successful player in the large undertaking category due to its essential wire-line information, cloud administrations, and oversaw administrations. Thus, its unwavering enthusiasm to help and expand its foundation to provide unrivaled help levels has ensured adaptability for huge ventures. Therefore, My Country Mobile will continue to a supplier to pursue.”

Telecom Awards 2019
Telecom Awards 2019

Facilitated Contact Center Service Provider Of The Year

” My Country Mobile continues to drive the Hosted Contact Center market, with. A large piece of the 64.8% pie and income development of 45 percent in CY 2014. My Country Mobile is constantly improving. Its cloud contact center administrations to provide a better experience for clients for the next telecom award as of 2019. Hence, Telecom Awards 2019 main distinguishing feature is. But The single, secure, and bound together help-level arrangement (SLA) for all vehicle, voice, organization, and application administrations. This telecom award of 2019 arrangement can praise by a whole set of accomplices who are likely to be amazing across virtualization and connection.

He said, ” My Country Mobile has been an exceptional supplier in the Enterprise Data space. They continue to expand their portfolio to address market issues. They provide a telecom award in 2019 as a compelling incentive for ventures to explore the full range of information space administrations. Therefore, Telecom Awards 2019 transforms them into India’s preferred choice for experiences and network load adjusting.

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