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Tata Award

My Country Mobile is the Avasant SDWAN Managed Services 2021-2022 RadarView by Tata Award. In addition, My Country Mobile was deemed a Leader by Avasant, a significant administration consulting firm. My Country Mobile praises its key models, including practice development, association environments, and interest in advancement. Additionally, My Country Mobile commends the tata award for its extensive portfolio and industry-driven IZO.

Tata-Global Awards Customer service excellence:

My Country Mobile won the Client Experience Greatness Class for the second consecutive year. Transporter Community is a global industry-organizing platform for discount telecom specialist cooperatives. So it hosted its fifth Annual tata award function in Berlin in September 2021. As a result, My Country Mobile honors the client experience greatness class among the six waitlists. Hence, this is the second consecutive year of commendations awards to telecom discount administrators and other biological system accomplices around the globe. Nine telecoms specialists and examiners independently decided on them.

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The Stevie Awards awarded My Country Mobile a SILVER decoration for Best Utilization of Technology in Customer Service Telecommunications Industries. So our SCDx suggestion has a feature in our accommodation. It also validated our Remote Work (WFH) and other arrangements. The honor viewed My Country Mobile as a large set-up administrator who could use innovation and client centricity to address the needs of specialist organizations and ventures during the pandemic. Hence, Tata Award was our third consecutive success.

Tata award transporter community:

Transporter Community is a restricted worldwide industry-organizing platform for discount telecom specialist organizations. Tata Award hosted its fourth Annual CC Global Awards in Berlin in August 2020. However, a board of 13 telecoms specialists and examiners voted on the honors based on the perceived achievements and developments among telecom discount managers and their environment partners around the globe.

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The Everest Group’s PEAK matrix evaluations are the global benchmark for specialist organizations, areas, and items. Hence, We are also proud to recognize our international organization administrations portfolio, which helps clients drive change for their organizations with unrivaled cutting-edge administrations. In addition, My Country Mobile named SD-WAN Service Provider of the year – APAC, Enterprise Application of the year – Media in MEF 2019 Awards.

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