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TADHack-mini Orlando: For The Future of Telecom

TADHack is happy to report that six of the seven vested parties used My Country Mobile(MCM) solutions. In addition, MCM APIs were used by all four champs, which is a first. Amy Meyers, Denise Mauldin, and Denise Mauldin were MCM engineers and headed to Florida to assist Alan in the hackathon.

Four innovators were among the distinguished gatherings: SaveMe, CallNection, and CallNection. These experts had the opportunity to create work models and devise exciting plans of action that could make a difference in less than 48 hours. Each group won $250 from MCM and other prizes from different benefactors.

TADHack Application

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This video declaration application uses WebRTC and SMS. In addition, SaveMe’s application security locks allow for continuous recording. This gives those in difficult situations a part to “check-in” and will enable them to share their current circumstances and environmental elements with family, friends, and companions. It can monitor water usage and send alerts through MCM SMS/MMS API. MCM and Telesign awarded prizes for Jerry Reed’s design.

CallNection received affirmation from MCM Telesign and VoIP Innovations regarding its unique understanding of the extension of obscure voice correspondences TADHack. In addition, CallNection was inspired by the 90-year-old tradition of voice-talking at social events to reconsider its desire to bring back human interaction through calls with 216 area code.

City Assistant is available for adventurers who need to know more about regions or where there are no guides. The application can also address queries about non-elite remedies names not available in the TADHack FDA data collection. City Assist is top distinct by MCM, Telesign, and VoIP Innovation.


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VoIP Hack

MCM was able to meet Alan afterward. MCM shared that “we depend on neighboring architect’s social events for headway, and keeping TADHack a great event.” MCM has been an essential patron for an extended period and helped organize seven API gatherings. We found MCM responses to be very interesting.

We anticipate next year’s event and will continue to support engineers in their advancement through induction into telecom resources.  MCM provides a variety of APIs to assist engineers in calling, TADHack calling, and fusing call guiding. In addition, the MCM API library includes SDKs that can manage multiple organizations. And illuminate API organizations, such as Ruby, Python, and.Net. For some more information visit xorcom-ts-1-VoIP & bad-customers-list