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Swift may be utilized to make music tracks from the text (Text to address ), swift text. It truly is fairly rapid and will readily be predicted in an AGI for on-the-fly text into address (like, for instance, a weather record ), swift text or may be utilized to develop inactive files, whereas the software is currently in evolution.

To encode text in the control line:

Swift -o /tmp/greeting.wav -de audio/channels=inch,audio/sampling-rate=8000″Wel come into asterisk.”

Recover text out of the text document, swift text.


Setup Notes

Following putting in Cepstral, a couple of things will need to get upgraded in the majority of situations allowing Asterisk cmd speedy touse it, swift text, swift text.

The trail

To /etc/ld. So.conf or etc/ld. So.conf.d/ / local.conf (based upon your own linux supply ) then run, swift text

Id config

When you purchased a backup of rapid out of Cepstral, then you might possess a variant that includes a few problems. Watch Change Log Beneath, swift text.

Swift Alterations

New Characteristics:

‘rapid -t’ reveals just about every paragraph in that time that it is performed. This Is Quite

Convenient for hearing text and watching exactly what it really is expression since it claims.

New added parameters into’swift –register’ and’rapid –reg-ports.’

To permit one to put in your voice or concurrency license info

With one control with disagreements. Operate’fast –help’ for a lot more

info along with cases.

‘fast –say-pgm-version’ speaks variant details.

‘fast –say-voice-version’ talks title, speech, and also a variant of

Currently a wealthy voice. This Is Sometimes Used along with -n change.

To put voice.

‘fast –say-all-voices’ lists and talks languages, names, along with

Variants of most voices entirely on the computer system

Multiple text disagreements are concatenated and talked just as just one utterance.

That induces that the Subsequent two orders to be medicated:

Swift -n David”Hi, how can you really “

Swift -n David Hi, how can you really currently?

Sometime prior to, the tiniest control will create four Separate calls for

Synthesize each and every word separately.


‘fast –aid’ today reveals a far more readable aid Communication, also.

Includes various use cases.

When synthesizing text out of regular input using’rapid -f -,’ you.

Can now indicate a bit of text to be plotted by departure two consec-

Native newline figures.

Increased lead messages such as mistakes, warnings, along with internet search motor outcome


Set: Input text beginning with a hyphen is treated as a parameter

Switch. For Example, something such as”$speedy’–The Raven–…'” will

Print the Utilization series, as though you have entered an invalid upgrade.

Be aware: To indicate that the conclusion of possibilities, utilize”–” with itself. For Example:

. /speedy -n William –occasions –“–The Raven” -o hello.wav

Can talk, “The superhero, Oh Hel-LO scatter wav” into Williams’s voice along with

May *not create a wave record (the -o debate getting treated since

input ).

New Characteristics:

‘swift –voices’ now shows Information Regarding the applications also.

To the dining desk of details regarding the installed voices.

3.4.2 — September 1-9, 2005

No Alterations

AS No Alterations, swift text

No Alterations

So No Alterations, swift text

No Alterations

3.3.1 — July 1-2, 2005


Set: Setting swift.exe into phone mode and asking for the occasion, 

Info triggers a wreck.

Set:’ swift -V’ shows no lexicon info, 

3.3.0 — June 1-5, 2005


Set: Commandline rapid will fail to play sound (wav, AIFF) documents, swift text

New Characteristics:

When -m switch or text/content-type param is not put, Commandline swift, swift text

It is now ready to get exactly the ideal thing together with the document according to its own expansion.

For Example:

Will play both wave files and synthesize the text from the writing document, swift text.

No Alterations

Fast –occasions today show occasion facts in a well-formatted table.

No Alterations, swift text

3.1.0 — December 1-3, 2004

New Characteristics:

Save-as-wave Is Now Able to Be perform via’-o filename’ switch (no more desire.

‘-f’ switch may be Utilize to define several input files, by simply Building a

Call for that:

Swift -f file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt

Capability to enter port license details,


No more crashes when making this telephone:

Swift”HellO “

‘-f filename’ switch now works properly when given with Different buttons.

Now provides feedback in the Event the file given in’-f filename’ switch Can’t

Be open.

And their features, swift text

If’swift -o filename’ fails to Compose the wave file for Virtually Any motive, it.

No further leaves the terrible output file lying around in the document.

One is display if the license file can not be compose through

‘swift –register’ or’rapid –reg-ports’.

Actually, do the job, swift text

‘rapid -de audio/encoding=[ulaw,alaw,pcm8]’ work today.

New Characteristics:

‘-f’ switch may be Utilize to define several input files, by simply Building a

Call for that:


They are give along with different buttons.

3.0.2 — September 1-3, 2004, swift text

Preliminary Steam launch, swift text

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