Studio Set


Studio Set enables one to store key/value pairs inside the worldwide circumstance of their stream implementation. Factors placed through the widget are all accessible through your stream by way of other widgets beneath the essential. This lets one allow use-cases such as countertops which easily update as the stream implements.

You may bring any range of Variables. Factors might have static worth such as number one range or series or even lively values placed by way of the fluid templating terminology.

Case in Point that places a variable known as count if not place and increments it exists:



There’s just a single transition using the particular widget, “subsequent” that flames once every factor gives are all set.

Case in Point Circulation

From the telephone flow screenshot beneath, the counting factor is defined as 0 if the stream starts off, and also the stream will soon fold before the counting factor is corresponding to 3 and also exits (The setup factor widget employs the exact sample fluid template signal in previously ). See also optics.

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