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Meet Me conference bridge

Description In case the seminar amount is redeemed, then the user is going to be motivated to input . Take be aware A Zaptel timer needs to be found for calculating to do the job! New at Asterisk v-1.2: The seminar application today permits end users to increase/decrease their discussing quantity and listening quantity (individually of any other along with others );Meetme App the ‘admin’ and ‘consumer’ menus have now shifted, along with fresh sound documents have been included for this particular release.

But when an individual calling over a Zaptel station that doesn’t have components DTMF detection boosts their talking quantity, it’s probable that they won’t longer have the ability to enter/exit the menu make some additional alterations, since the applications DTMF sensor will be unable to comprehend the DTMF originating on their apparatus.

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The alternative string can contain zero or more of these next Figures:

‘inch’ — disable”you might be now the only real man inside this seminar” material for 1st manhood (brand new in 1.2 back, and watch insect 6316) (This really isn’t comprised in 1.2.11)

‘that a’ — place admin style

‘A’ — place noticeable manner

‘b’ — run AGI script specified in $undefined

Default: conf-background.agi (Notice: this doesn’t work together with non-Zap stations at an identical seminar )

‘do’ — declare consumer (s) rely on linking a seminar

‘d’ — dynamically increase summit

‘D’ — dynamically increase summit, trying to get a PIN

In the snare instant, in the event an individual doesn’t need a snare delegated into the seminar, they ought to reach the key. — necessitates chan_zap. (Talk only, no listening)

‘T’ — place talker discovery (provided for boss user interface and meetme checklist )

‘v’ — video style (this program now does nothing whatsoever at all)

‘w’ — wait patiently before user enters the seminar (performs new music on grip before marked consumer enters whether M has been properly used )

other associated users may hear Music On Hold before user moves. Owing to some bug (visit 5773 and also 5631) this program failed to workin Asterisk v-1.2.0.

‘x’ — shut the summit once last declared consumer exits

Alternative particulars


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Neither the’ possibility’s’ nor the’ possibility’de’ performs should used with’X’.

Consumer (i.e. minus the choice’that a’ staying put ): up on pressing plays with the audio menu”Please press 1 to mute or unmute your self”; Asterisk v-1.2 comes with quantity alteration to your respective MeetMe human members by pressing followed closely by 6 or 4; like wise limitation 4170 enables one particular get a grip on the number of people (personal?) Voice by pressing on followed by means of a string of 7 and 9’s to get up and down and soon you press to accept and then come back to regular functioning.

Admin (with alternative’that a’ Staying put ): up on pressing plays with the voice menu”Press Inch to 2 mute/unmute your self 2 to lock/unlock this summit”

Inch — mute/unmute

two — lock/unlock summit

3 — twist last person that combined seminar

4 — De-crease Bulk of Seminar with every 4 you press on — finish together with 8

6 — — Increase Amount of Seminar with every 6 you press — finish together with 8

7 — De Crease your quantity — finish together with 8

9 — Boost Your quantity — finish together with 8

VoIP or Landline which one is better for business

Be aware: you are unable to lock an admin client eject a admin client but both perform just great on users that are ordinary!

That has been a very long-term and bothersome insect in Asterisk <= 1.0.9: Audio delay in MeetMe using SIP when perhaps not ‘q’ style — allegedly adjusted in Asterisk v-1.2. Watch

Insect 4252 along with insect 3599


Establish $undefined prior to starting up MeetMe() together with the recording alternative. The listed seminar sound documents will probably be stored into var/lib/asterisk/noises.

Alternative’j’ of all chan_local

Even the Asterisk jitterbuffer for both IAX and SIP at Asterisk 1.4 (& almost certainly 1.6 as-well ) just performs for calls which bridge stations and doesn’t connect with calls for software including MeetMe() or even report () etc.) But Using the Neighborhood station assemble collectively using all the’j’ alternative, There’s a workaround accessible:

Implementing this type of jitter buffer may boost audio caliber, however at the price of more latency.


Authenticated Conference-room

de )

exten => 18,5,play-back (vm-goodbye)

exten => 18,6,hang-up

Dynamic seminar Space, consumer needs to enter number to be generated:

Exten => 9999,1, hold out (inch )

exten => 9999,2,MeetMe(|Md); observe: Should you insert the possibility’e’, ” may choose place # to you personally

;transform the’d’ substitute for’D’ should you are interested in having a pin number to your summit

Dynamic conference-room 1 2 3 with silent getting into. User friendly foo turns into the user when he dials expansion’10’. Seminar continues until eventually foo strikes. After foo leaves others that snore expansion’1-1′ is likely to soon be disconnected.

Business VoIP Phone Number Services.


exten => 11,1,MeetMe(1 2 3

By 1.6 on ex MeetMe(1 2 3,Md) utilize commas Perhaps Not plumbing

Review by OEJ (May 2-3, 2004)

Have you ever noticed that the not-so-simple-anymore”Straightforward Meetme convention Bridge” app? It is a killer program at Asterisk. On this program, you Receive a Whole Lot of performance:

Multi-user conferencing Around several stations — VoIP and PSTN

Announcements: Certainly One talker, several listeners

Administration — blowing off End Users, muting and locking conventions

Wallpaper songs Whilst awaiting for Different Individuals

Statically configured conventions with all snare code auth for entrance

Dynamic conventions, made Ondemand (the seminar amount is advised at primary consumer entrance )

Back in CVS mind, there is really been quite a few developments to MeetMe recently, improvements which produce MeetMe far greater when compared to the usual”uncomplicated” meeting bridge.

The dial program software for your MeetMe program in CVS mind are

MeetMe — input conference (in certain instances Makes a lively Convention )

MeetMeAdmin — train End Users, lock conventions, mute conventions

MeetMeCount — rely on variety of Members to get a seminar

There is Additionally a brand new household of CLI Instructions for handling MeetMe:

Meetme Checklist conferences

MeetMe kick-start Kick a person from a seminar

MeetMe kick all Cease all customers

MeetMe listing Checklist Individuals at a seminar

MeetMe lock Lock a seminar — no more longer customers

MeetMe UN Lock Strike a seminar

MeetMe mute Mute an individual at a seminar

MeetMe unmute Unmute an individual at a seminar

PSTN router

A few Extra notes Meetme conventions

The seminar bridge operates u Law codec with defaultoption. In the event you enable people associate to GSM or alternative codecs, then Asterisk can utilize CPU capability to transform music amongst codecs

The factor MEETMESECS comprises the sum of minutes user has been in summit

The Meetme program reads meetme.conf for just about every inactive seminar combined i.e. there isn’t any requirement to reload the config for just about every modify

Authenticate together with all the authenticate() program if you’d like a consumer established auth to get a meetme summit

you may restrict the range of members using meetmecount() and factors while in the dial prepare

To have the ability to conduct MeetMe, your Asterisk server desires that a Zaptel timer. This really is suppled by Digium cards through various motorists. You’ll find distinct methods of getting the timer to perform, however nevertheless, it wont work automagically when you’ve not acquired a Digium Zaptel components port card set up. Only at that period just zaptel apparatus could possibly be properly used. In the event you don’t need a Zaptel apparatus visit the ztdummy directions such as time.

By today (Jan. 2004, v0.7.1) passwords just utilize inactive seminars

a Mutual convention password May Also be given in meetme.conf, illustration:

Dynamic conventions do the job otherwise than you could feel. If user makes lively convention #200, then consumer comes together and makes lively convention #200, then it’s regarded correct behaviour for consumer to become combined into user A summit rather than warning consumer that seminar #200 has been produced by some body.


Additionally, should the lively summit was produced by consumer to own a PIN, consumer will undoubtedly be instructed’invalid PIN’ then be motivated to get a fresh seminar group. The work around for me personally is to place up lively seminars together using all the’e’ selection therefore * could pick the seminar number therefore that the consumer’s might not rush in to the behavior.

Overall performance concerns

MeetMe using 10+ End Users on ISDN PRI

I used to be undergoing’tube’ noises in 8 or even 9 end users, and also complete opinions at 10+ end users at a meetme summit with ISDN PRI.

The majority of things I have find out concerning PRI said that echo cancelation wasn’t mandatory as the lineup has been electronic, and also many telco’s involve any type of replicate cancelation mechanism. But the reallife demonstrates differently.

I included the following to etc/asterisk/zapata. Conf, also it cleared the issue 100 percent

There’s just a single lock all app_meetme (version 1.2) and that’s around the connected checklist that retains the exact settings to every single summit.  If some thing should be shifted in one seminar, like adding the other station, each the conventions become blocked. 

This isn’t so huge of a bargain for those who have only inch or 2 two seminars but once you yourself have 10 to 15 it gets a bit of the issue so when you have 150 having stations being inserted and eliminated each of the full time that it truly is a huge issue.  Sure with one lock will do an excellent work of assisting prevent deadlocks, nonetheless nevertheless, it might be much more advisable touse thread programming methods which don’t desire a lock.

MeetMe honours just Inch CPU (Might 2011)

Q: What’s way better far more cores (eg.  2x quad-core ) or maybe more CPU rate to get a host which manages lots of Meetme Conferences with countless parallel G711 alaw channels (no more trans-coding )?

A: I actually have a response to you personally (way too many unknown factors to express 1 manner or the other ) however that I really do realize that MeetMe now is serialized on a single CPU.

By way of instance, every one of the seminar individuals threads lineup up their sound data in their channels that may occur in parallel to SMP techniques.  They then wait patiently to find your”masterspan” to blend the sound to most of seminars now occupied.  This transpires on a single CPU to simplify trying to keep stations dispersed to anything time origin can be your own learn.  If it is initially composed there weren’t a lot of SMP approaches in usage.  Afterward your mixed sound is queued down to these stations.  Last but not least, every one of the user-space station decals may scan from the blended sound that may transpire in parallel to SMP.


For those who have way too many conventions, you CPU might be unable to to blend each of the sound and also you may have sound issues even though you will find just 7 other CPUs which are in essence intolerable whilst awaiting for you CPU to combine all.  Now you ought to have the ability to take care of 512 seminar participants onto today’s host system with no issue.  The present back part of DAHDI Linux restricts the variety of available up stations to 512 with this particular specific reason .  

The brand new ConfBridge module at the coming Asterisk 1.10 re lease mightn’t possess this restriction.

At August 2004


I have been examining a few previous threads but have a handful questions concerning employing the AGI_BACKGROUND script in a meeting.  Perhaps somebody could spare a bit of insignificant.

Am I correct in supposing the MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND script **Will Continue to Work ** on SIP conferenced stations **Without Having ** an **Energetic ** zap station — AS LONG since There IS A DIGIUM CARD Mounted IN THE ASTERISK BOX?

No, that is not accurate.

The mixing of incoming voice packs as well as the supply of these merged packs into the output signal channels is completed inside of the Zaptel driver.  For authentic Zap stations, this transpires absolutely in the motorist coating.  To get a non-Zap station, app_meetme Makes a Zap pseudo-channel for your motorist 

To work with, then copies the sound information in the two directions amongst your non-Zap station along with its own linked pseudo station.  You may easily see this at the center of this conf_run() perform.  

The grab is the fact that conf_run() both requires for the AGI script,” OR conducts on the pseudo-channel copying loop, however, perhaps not .  Therefore, in the event that you take advantage of an AGI script, then there’s simply connecting the non-Zap station to the linked pseudo.

It isnecessary to get a Digium card or even some random time motorist (e.g. ztdummy or even zaprtc) so for MeetMe to just work whatsoever, but this will not assist you to employ AGI using SIP stations: they’ve zero capability touse any AGI script in the slightest.  Should they make an effort to, then they also receive no sound.

Be aware that utilizing an AGI script affords additional integral functionality far too, such as mute/unmute, kick, and MOH whilst there’s just 1 consumer.

I can not observe why Zap along with SIP stations could not utilize various extensions for to precisely the exact MeetMe space with various flags and whistles (like your Zap stations ) diverse AGI scripts.

Together with AGI_BACKGROUND that you get rid of the aptitude MUTE or even KICK folks from conventions by means of the commandline.

Even the meetme parameter’de’ (pound departure ) also stops to be the AGI_BACKGROUND.  

Together with AGI_BACKGROUND In addition you loose the power to keep an eye on the OUT side of this station.  

In the event you would like to kick some body out of the seminar, only get rid of -9 their own AGI_BACKGROUND undertaking.

The moment the AGI_BACKGROUND script ceases functioning, an individual is mechanically taken out of the summit.  

All of DTMF activities have been shipped into the AGI_BACKGROUND process/script.  That means you might get your. Agi script loop capturing touchtones, subsequently decided things to accomplish every time a consumer registers a specific secret.

AGI_BACKGROUND opens quite a few trendy programming chances too.  You may utilize interprocess communication (sockets, signs, and so forth ).  To command the consumer experience within an MeetMe meeting.  (ie: Consume it engage in .gsm data files predicated on particular exterior occasions, or predicated on an individual’s input).

Allowing customers to some seminar (n-way phone )

Have a peek at this Asterisk n-way telephone how-to  which explains the way that it may be accomplished.

Allergic conferences

This could possibly be performed with Asterisk neighborhood stations  and also Asterisk director API.  (Almost Certainly, together with AGI or Phone Documents )


exten => 7798,1,Meetme(124

Out of supervisor API:

‘z’ — all of the dtmf Critical occasions will probably be transmitted into this supervisor 


This lets the versatility for consumers to hook up their particular boss orders into the meetme platform by accessing exactly what keywords is pressed after which devoting their very particular boss control.  Presently, what’s hard-coded that isn’t totally customizable.

Alternatives into this Normal MeetMe app_conference

Yet another version is app_conference, which based on this writer, may manage more simultaneous users:

“In case People Are Searching for a higher-capacity marketing program,

have not actually caked meetme, however that I _assume _ who app_conference

may possibly be in a position to overcome it.  Undoubtedly if it has constructed app it

will (iax customers using VAD around your customer side).”  

Still Another version is app_konference, app_conference Can Take greater than 1, 000 concurrent users at a seminar:

“app_konference can be really a branch of app_conference emphasizing growth and stability most insects introduced into app_conference are mended such as for instance cleaning dilemmas.  Additionally, quantity controllers are extra app_konference concentrates over calling as opposed to online video.

App_konference 1.2 provides support for station routing and whispering in addition to thread enhancement to get its summit ribbon, far more firmness and effectiveness improvements, app_konference 1.2 premiered 2009 09 23″

Meetme App ConfBridge

Asterisk 1.6.2 is sold using the brand new ConfBridge addition which, one of other attributes, if encourage g722 wide-band conferencing.

Even the fantastic older MeetMe app won’t ever encourage such a thing besides 8kHz viewing prices, because it works by using DAHDI for sound mixing and DAHDI simply supports 8kHz sound.

Back in 1.6.2, but there’s really a brand new ConfBridge app that may offer wide band sound mixing; you also may read through the applying help see the way touse it.  So far as I’m conscious, now is merely affirms one sample speed a summit, it can’t encourage mixed-rate stations in one summit.  

When blending sound, ConfBridge can utilize SLIN in 16kHz to manage wide band stations, as blending needs to be completed from the terminal realm name.  

Distant convention Internet Hosting 

Another alternate  will be touse an thirdparty for calculating:

They Give IAX and SIP accessibility to conferencing Which Can Be incorporated right into a dialplan using a lineup such as 

Fiberoptic Internet Providers - My Country Mobile

Which would phone in their seminar service by means of expansion 7000 off the community process.  They Give bookings and reservation-based Convention rooms in Addition to accessibility to seminars via neighborhood price and 800 amounts for external grandparents — each of handled through an Internet portal site — Where You Are Able to Acquire several consumer account under one client accounts 

Using reports.  This generates for simple monitoring of everything, when, and also the number of men and women who are in the company or making use of automation.  

Bugs and stains 

Difficulty with sound surges Talked about in Sep 2007:

Additionally a typical instance the way to you can restrict the variety of individuals 

Asterisk cmd MeetmeAdmin

Asterisk cmd web page : webpage application which works by using MeetMe (fresh in Asterisk v-1.2)

Asterisk dimensioning: Ability inquiries and components demands

Asterisk real-time MeetMe

Asterisk factors

shredder outside seminar phone calls — dial-out participants any place in the Planet in the time. Total real-time web control-panel (convention telephone program, add/remove individuals, album summit telephone etc.. )

Encours: The following anti virus app, utilizing another host specializing in world wide web teleconferences.

Asterisk cmd Ices: Streaming forecasts into the online

MeetmeAutoMute no cost (GPL) usefulness for instantly muting Meetme individuals.

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