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Speedtouch 716

These pages can grow during the next few times (SpeedTouch 716) as my experiments using this specific router will be beginning.

Speedtouch 716

SpeedTouch 716 Residential DSL Gateway with Voice

ADSL 1/2/2+ modem together with NAT router/firewall and four-port change

Two FXS and One FXO vents

QoS (Operates exactly the Exact Same manner as QoS along with Port-forwarding Speedtouch 510v4: So The best way You Can prioritize VoIP together with all the Speedtouch 510 v4 )


716 along with 716WL (wireless variant )

Voice Control Line User Interface Assist — This is elegant as works really are researched

Please assist clean up this.

So My aim is always to exhibit a setup that could make use of a display to get the job done well with along with, neglecting up to FXO when either/both neglect. I am not certain whether it is achievable nonetheless. So I have put up this page here due to the fact I could detect no-documentation on dial plans for your own 716. Should you have the ability to greatly help, then remember to donate, considering that this looks like an amazing convenience with this particular router.

Precise documentation about the VoIP configurations Are Available here, view’Config manual Voiceover Ip Address'(pdf)

Observations thus much — that the initial Effort

Issues with all the sip registrations are that even when you’ve got just two SIP accounts — then they have to be using exactly precisely the exact same sip password and proxy. I can’t far get on FXS1 and also around FXS2. So The issue is the fact that the”voice sip config” configurations appear to function more global. I had been hoping the”secondary proxy accounts” to employ FXS2. It generally does not!

Indices and proxy

So It’d have become more sensible in the event the Hotmail and proxy settings ended up at the”voice account put in” command lineup — and on occasion better when they’d obtained a peek at exactly the Sipura manner of accomplishing things together with @gw0, then @gw1… etc.

The best way to install in Your CLI

So I maintain visiting with this question requested in discussion regarding this 716 — here it’s. The important thing is by using just the user id whilst the SIP URI — i.e., 1234567 — perhaps not

:voice add SIP_URI=1234567 User-Name =1234567 passwordXXXXX voiceport=FXS1

You Might Need to re-install the password at the GUI to Receive it into enroll

The best way to install in Your CLI

:voice add SIP_URI=myaccount User-Name =myaccount password XXXX voiceport=FXS1

In my own very first efforts at dial plans, they look a little bit feeble. I’d have enjoyed having the ability to level the telephone at alternative SIP assistance based upon exactly the amount that I dial up. In the event, you attempt to guide the amount of some FXS interface, it merely gets trapped out utilizing VoIP alternatively of these accounts related to this specific interface. Wherever is close to as successful while the Sipura manner of doing matters.

PSTN Dial-tone

I can not figure out the way dial plans do the job to your own FXO (that will be only a relay from the noises of this ). It Merely appears to ditch you in the PSTN Dial-tone in case you include this:

:voice display include prefix=07 defaultport=FXO fallbackport=FXO responsibilities =Reduced Fall-back =corrupt minimumdigits=10 maximumdigits=1-5 posofmodify=0 remnumdigits=0 fit =”” Re-scan =no activity =ROUTE_incl_Number

But this functions only fine together with ship discount to re-form that a neighborhood area variety (at which 01234 can be your own community area code at great Britain — and also your regional amounts are 6 minutes long) (for its sake of realizing that dial plan for people away from united kingdom, tradition is the fact that the key 0 long-distance UK amounts are lost when globally referred to as — sip discount call for all amounts to become worldwide — united kingdom local amounts consistently begin from 2-8)

So  dial plan include prefix=2-8 defaultport=FXS1 fallbackport=FXS2 responsibilities =NA Fall Back =empowered minimumdigits=6 maximumdigits=6 posofmodify=Inch remnumdigits=6 add =00441234 Re-scan =no activity =not one

Speedtouch 716


Dialtones are real (like your UK) at the least once you have implemented:

: voice state config nation =United Kingdom

Telephone Excellent

A feature characteristic. The characteristic audio sounds far better compared to my Snom 190,” Sipura 3000, and also Sipura SPA-841 (all analyzed on G711u).

So What that the router may or ought to be in a position to do, however, are somewhat modest registered

Divide the button into a few individually routed subnets

So Independent the W-Lan right into another subnet (to be analyzed)?

Insert a bridge port to your own FXS interfaces (to be analyzed — indicated from the”assistance technique if add” CLI alternative )?

My decisions Thus Far.

In my observations (you should fix this when I am incorrect ), in the event that you should be seriously serious about VoIP with no regional Asterisk host, you’d certainly be much better off investing in a Sipura SPA 2002/3000, followed by a Speedtouch 5-10 (without any W-Lan ) or even Speedtouch 580 / / 585 (using WLAN). Even the IPQoS on Speedtouch apparatus is superb nevertheless the deficiency of the right a number of integration services and feeble dial-plans makes it quite hard to justify investing in a 716.

Wish-list — Exactly what it can not, however, should be in a position to perform should Thomson Opt to upgrade the firmware.

Far Better dial programs

So Assist for Numerous Gateways at distinct SIP registrars

management of ringing to distinguish ring-though in Your PSTN

One thing Apart from silence Brought into the caller once Call Waiting

So Assist in getting some MusicOnHold server

Capabilities Just like the Sipura SPA 3000

Fax to Electronic Mail Re-lay could be very fairly trendy

voice display include

Parameters :

Prefix = <0…9 – * #>

So The prefix, describes this entrance

defaultport = <FXOp

The default option incoming interface

fallbackport = <FXO>

The fall-back incoming interface

concern = <higher >

The disposition of this entrance

fall-back = <undefined>

The fall back mechanics status with this submission

minimumdigits =

The amount of icons

maximumdigits =

the utmost quantity of Records

posofmodify =

Start position of a number of specimens have to be taken off

remnumdigits =

The range of notes which ought to get taken off the comprehensive quantity

[fit = <0…9>]

String that needs to be added in PosOfModify soon after taking away RemNumDigits

re-scan = <undefined>

Rescanning of this quantity essential or never

actions = <ROUTE_incl_Number >

motion parameter

Speedtouch 716

voice products and services checklist

undefined[voice products and services ]=>: voice products and services checklist

services standing Code Provisioned

Transfer triggered 9-6 yes

So Hold triggered ninety-four indeed

waiting around triggered forty-three indeed

mwi de-activated 98 no more

clip triggered 30 certainly

So Clir de-activated 3 1 no more

Privnumb de-activated 99 no more

colp de-activated 76 no more

So Colour de-activated 7 7 no more

3pty triggered 9-5 sure

forcedFXO de-activated 01 no more

So undefined[voice products and services ]=>

voice codec checklist

Following orders are accessible:

Checklist: demonstrate that the CODEC capacity settings (SpeedTouch 716)

Config: Establish a CODEC functionality

So Detection Concern Standing

G711u thirty allowed inch permitted (SpeedTouch 716)

So The G711a thirty allowed inch allowed

g726_40 thirty allowed four corrupt (SpeedTouch 716)

So The g726_32 thirty allowed five handicapped

g726_24 thirty allowed six tainted

The g726_16 thirty allowed seven handicapped  (SpeedTouch 716)

undefined[voice codec]=>

Speedtouch 716 voice region assistance

undefined[voice state ]=>assist (SpeedTouch 716)

Following orders are accessible:

So Config: cross-country nation

So Checklist: checklist offered states (SpeedTouch 716)

The undefined[voice state ]=>listing

So undefined[voice state ]=>

Voice FX Sport config

So undefined[voice FX Sport ]=>assist (speedtouch 716)

Following orders are accessible:

So Config: Establish the FXS interface parameters (speedtouch 716)

undefined[voice FX Sport ]=>assist config

Parameters :

undefined[voice FX Sport ]=>

So Voice Account include

undefined[voice ]=>assist insert (speedtouch 716)


Voiceport = <frequent p

Parameters :


The SIP URI associated with the particular voice interface  (SpeedTouch 716)

[username = ]

The authentication Username connected for the particular voice interface

[password ]

So The authentication password Linked for the particular voice interface

voice-port = <Widespread >

The analog lineup number (SpeedTouch 716)

Speedtouch 716

undefined[voice ]=>

Voice QoS listing

undefined[voice qos]=>listing

Targeted Visitors Style QOS Discipline Worth

Hint &controller dscp af42 (speedtouch 716)

undefined[voice providers ]=>assist config

Parameters :

[mwi_phone = <undefinedp ]

The Way in Which the cellphone responds to a Note awaiting hint

[mwi_network = <undefinedp ]

So The Way in Which the system protocol implements the message indication (SpeedTouch 716)


So undefined[voice providers ]=>

Voice providers supply

So undefined[voice providers ]=>assist supply (SpeedTouch 716)

Speedtouch 716 Parameters :

undefined[voice providers ]=>

Voice FX Sport config

undefined[voice FX Sport ]=>assist config (speedtouch 716)

Parameters :

undefined[voice FX Sport ]=>

undefined[voice psychologist ]=>assist config

Parameters :

undefined[voice facsimile ]=>assist config (speedtouch 716)

So Publish the facsimile parameters (speedtouch 716)

Syntax: config [faxtransport = <undefinedp ]

Speedtouch 716

Parameters :

[faxtransport = <undefinedp ]

the Sort of facsimile transportation (speedtouch 716)

So undefined[voice facsimile ]=>

So Configure a CODEC capacity (speedtouch 716)

Syntax: config form = <g726_40p

[ptime = <20p ] [ptime_g723 = <undefined>]

[vad = <undefinedp ] [Concern = ]

[standing = <undefinedp ]

Parameters :

So Variety = <g726_40p

The codec style

[ptime = <20p ]

The package timing (speedtouch 716)

[ptime_g723 = <undefined>]

The package period

[vad = <undefinedp ]

So Permit or disable Voice Activity Detection

[concern = ]

The codec capacity concern (speedtouch 716)

[standing = <undefinedp ]

So Permit or disable that capacity (speedtouch 716)

Support program and

undefined[support Technique ]=>assist If add (SpeedTouch 716)

Insert a port set into the entrance listing.

Speedtouch 716 Parameters :

Class = <lan or variety p (SpeedTouch 716)

So The port category with this particular access listing.

So Associated Indices (SpeedTouch 716)

BT House Hub as FXS

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