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SMS Marketing Opt-In Requirements & Logistics

Companies are increasingly turning to SMS OPT-in to reach their customers. This channel quickly becomes a go-to for getting its message across to an audience distracted by other distractions. It can be challenging to determine if your marketing dollars have been well spent.

SMS OPT in marketing is more open than other channels and has higher engagement rates. This makes it an excellent channel for marketing messages. In addition, businesses should be aware that there are new guidelines by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association for SMS OPT in marketing.

These guidelines clarify which messages can be sent via what channels and give businesses more information about the types of consent required before messages can go out to customers.

Let’s now look at why consent is necessary and the types of support. Also, let’s see what businesses need to do to comply with the guidelines to have customers opt-in for their emails.

Requirements & Logistics
Requirements & Logistics

What consent is necessary for SMS OPT-in

It’s not about getting consent to send SMS OPT-in to consumers but about the good karma that comes with not sending unwelcome messages to people.

Failure to adhere to CTIA guidelines can result in your message not being delivered. Using opt-in policies can help ensure your messages get delivered. This is doubly important considering that you are responsible for all the messages you send and not just those shown.

Consent is required for different use cases.

CTIA outlines the requirements for three (3) common messaging uses cases. These are the three types:

  • Conversational Use Cases
  • Informational Use Cases
  • Promotional Use Cases


A conversational uses case describe like a conversation. For example, simple messages require that customers send the first message SMS OPT-in to the business.

Conversational use cases are based on the principle of implied consent. This means that the customer has initiated contact with the business and is open to receiving messages from them.


Informational SMS OPT-in typically contains account updates and helpful notifications, such as an appointment reminder. A consumer can request an informational message by texting 1-800-555-INFO to receive account updates. Or it shares directly from the business without a text request.

These cases require explicit consent before a business can send a message. Companies can obtain express consent to receive text messages from customers via a verbal, written, or online form. Although permission gives in writing, it is not necessary.

Requirements & Logistics
Requirements & Logistics


Before initiating the first SMS OPT-in, text messages that promote or market a business need consent to in the most remarkable detail. This includes text messages unrelated to account information, such as announcements, deals of the hour, and any other types of text messages.

Promoting messaging requires explicit written consent. However, This means that the user must complete a form, check an online box, or provide other consent forms to receive texts from the business. The business can reference the consent form and pull it as the customer’s communication preferences or opt-outs change. You can combine the consent request into another document (e.g., a new customer profile), and it does not need to be separate for text SMS OPT in preferences.

The CTIA created these guidelines.

The growth of text messaging, especially from businesses, is faster than ever. By creating best practices, they want to make text SMS OPT-in more predictable also reliable for businesses. Similarly, The CTIA’s ultimate goal is to protect consumers like you and me against unwanted messages that we have not signed up for. Therefore, these guidelines are a must-have resource for any business that sends text messages.

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