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SMS Logging in Salesforce

SMS Logging in Salesforce you have empowered SMS signing in your Office, the time has come to give individual colleagues admittance to log their SMS to Salesforce.

These means ought to be trailed by your Office Administrator:

Explore to Administration Settings > Team

Explore to the expected client Options > Configure mixes

Enable SMS Logging

You can check Log SMS messages for exercises

Confirm Salesforce utilizing MCM

To confirm the joining, you can have clients that you have empowered to choose Connect Salesforce from the discussion view.

Your clients should observe a viable association in Salesforce before you can log SMS. Before you can log SMS, ensure your clients have made a Salesforce contact before they connect on MCM.

Whenever you have associated, your contacts will see the profile of your contact.

Work Title

SFDC Owner

Open Activities

Movement History

Logging SMS to Salesforce

MCM will log outer SMS messages shipped off MCM by you and your Salesforce contact.

Enable SMS Logging SMS Logging in Salesforce

The log will be shown as another errand under movement history.

Tip for MCM:

Not logging SMS messages Verify with Salesforce Admin that the accompanying moves were made:

Salesforce Task articles ought to have type field apparent also  As a picklist worth to the Type field, ‘SMS/Text” should be added

Salesforce field security is accessible for your profile/client type.

As often as possible Asked Questions (FAQs).

How might the errand show up on Salesforce?

We will check the undertaking Completed, and incorporate but the accompanying fields contact with 240  area code.

Type of  Chat

Name: Salesforce Contact Name

Relegated to:  MCM User Name

Need Normal

We will bunch whatever number messages as could be expected under the circumstances into one undertaking to abstain from over-burdening (hard breaking point 32K characters per task).

We can divide assignments by utilizing a (1) and (2) mark in the Task title.

How might also we log messages from Shared Lines? (Fundamental Lines and Departments)

Now, no. The SMS logging highlight is right now simply accessible to end clients.

Does this Integration log inward and externe messages to Salesforce?

No, we won’t log SMS sent or got by different contacts.

Should the contacts be in Salesforce to sign into Salesforce?

Authenticate Salesforce in MCM 

Indeed, this component can be utilized. Before you do as such, ensure your end clients are viable with a current Salesforce contact in MCM.

How might we log messages from Salesforce?

Now, no.  but The SMS logging capacity is as of now just accessible for sending and getting messages through MCM

Will this work with Salesforce Classic or Lightning?


Will MMS, video, or picture log as a Salesforce Task?

We will send you a connection to also the MMS documents partook in the assignment.

Would we be able to log the two calls and SMS?

Totally! Indeed!

How might I log a message to an open door?

No, SMS messages can’t be logged to an open door. No one but calls can.

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