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SMS Enabled Phone Numbers What are they?

Multi-channel marketing strategies are increasingly using SMS Number-enabled. For example, you’ve probably received a text message from your bank to confirm payment or a marketing message about a new offer at a store from an SMS Number enabled.

What makes an SMS Number enabled different from a regular phone number?

It’s not. It’s not. We are talking about virtual numbers/DIDs, rather than regular SMS Numbers. This means that the virtual number uses IP-based technology to transfer calls and text messages, making your charges lower than a standard mobile phone number.

You can send and receive text messages locally using virtual numbers even though they are not located near you. For example, if your company has customers in the UK and is located in the US, you can use an SMS Number enabled in the UK to text them as if they were there.

Codes that are long vs. short

There are two types of SMS Numbers shortcodes and long codes. So Long codes look similar to your standard phone SMS Number. However, they can be anywhere from 10 to more digits depending on where you live, while shortcodes are typically 5 to 6 numbers.

Shortcodes are often used in cases where the number is difficult to remember. Similarly, One example is the text messages you receive from your bank or network provider regarding your bills. It’ll likely be between 5-6 digits if you look at where it’s coming. So again, this is a short SMS Number.

Another excellent example of shortcodes at work is emergency services numbers. Again, it’s all about remembering quickly. It’s much easier to remember 911 (or 999, depending on where you live) than a 10-digit number.

The business case

You can use SMS Number-enabled in a variety of ways.

However, they are used to it for the most part.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Buy intent
  • Promote timely offers
  • Customer loyalty
  • Increased customer service also reduce call center volume/costs
  • Make traditional media more tangible by activating it

They let you use SMS Numbers without any additional fees or contracts.

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