User Agent String List

User Agent String List

User Agent String List

Just about every SIP user representative (mobile, applications, apparatus ) distinguishes itself using some series. The syntax of the series Isn’t defined, however, a Frequent routine is (user agent string list).


List consumer representative strings and connect them to call webpages 

Grandstream Grandstream 

The Grandstream BT 100 Grandstream 

Grandstream BT 100 Grandstream

The Grandstream BT 100 Grandstream (user agent string list)

Grandstream BT 100 Grandstream 

The Grandstream BT 100 Grandstream 

Grandstream HT286 Grandstream 

The Grandstream HT286 Grandstream (user agent string list)

Grandstream HT286 Grandstream 

The Grandstream HT486 Grandstream 

Grandstream HT486 Grandstream 

TheGrandstream HT486 Grandstream 

Grandstream HT486 Grandstream 

The Grandstream SIP UA Grandstream 

Intraswitch/X.X.X: Centile — Centile Hosted iPBX Server variant X.X.X 

iPhone/3.13: KPhone 

The KPhone/3.14: KPhone 

kphone/4.0.2: KPhone 

The kphone/4.0.3: KPhone 

kphone/4.0.4: KPhone 

The kphone/4.1.1: KPhone  

kphone/4.2: KPhone 

The KPhoneSI/1.0: KPhone 

OmniSession/ ORGALOGIC 

optiPoint 600 Workplace MxSF/v3.5.3.4: Siemens Phones 

MxSipApp/ MxSF/v3.2.7.30: Mediatrix 

snom200-2.04l: SNOM 

snomSoft/3.60j: SNOM 

VideoTel Person Agent/1.1: Telephone Picture Videotel (user agent string list)

XLite Free World Dialup build 11 01: ten Xten X Lite — Free World Dialup Brand Ed Model 

The XLite Assemble 1061: ten Xten X Lite 

XLite Assemble 1082:xten Xten X Lite 

The XLite Assemble 1095:xten Xten X Lite 

XLite build 11 01:ten Xten X Lite 

The XLite Launch 1103a: ten Xten X Lite 

XLite Launch 1103m: ten Xten X Lite 

The X Pro Assemble 1082: ten Xten X-Pro 

X Pro discharge 1103a: ten Xten X-Pro  

The X Pro discharge 1103v: ten Xten X-Pro 

XIP Technology AB:??? 

Zultys ZIP two 3.43 : zultys 

The Zultys ZIP two 3.50 : zultys  

ZyXEL P2000W VoIP Wi-Fi Cell Phone: ZyXEL — Without any firmware variant I D? 

EyeBeam Beta launch 3003j postage 15638: ten 

eyeBeam discharge 3002s postage 15131: ten 

myJabberAE discharge 1103n: MyJabberAE??? 

OSIP/Linphone-0.12.1: Linphone  

Cisco-SIPGateway/IOS-12.x: Cisco 

Cisco-CUCM6.1: Cisco 

Avaya one-X Desk Phone: Avaya 9600 telephones 

The Avaya SIP R-2.2 End-point Brcm Callctrl/ MxSF/v3.2.6.26: Avaya 4600 telephones 

Nortel PCC 4.1.681: Nortel Soft Phone (user agent string list)

Avaya CM/R013x.01.3.640.2: Avaya Conversation Supervisor 

Kapanga Softphone Desk-top 1.00/2175d+1231929961_00FFA39AD947_000E0CB3B2E1_000E0CB3B2E0_0019DBDECBD6: Kapanga Soft Phone 

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