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Distant Phone-book

Distant Phone-book Utilizing T28P Using trixbox


A few notes auto-provisioning these mobiles as the mobiles have been excellent, however, also the instruction is not anything lacking dreadful. I experienced a great deal of difficulty locating some documentation thought I would talk about what I have worked outside or scratched collectively. I am not too good at instruction; feel free to wash up this because of me personally.

From the config cases below, the responses you start with # will be that came from the samples I obtained out of your seller that, in my opinion, acquired them out of Yealink. They aren’t too clear. I don’t think that maybe your programmer’s first speech, though I have managed to cause them to become ambiguous, I have enlarged them having a dual opinion ##.


Publish your DHCP server

Publish your DHCP server using a boot/TFTP host speech, selection sixty-six in windows DHCP host, or insert something like these to a nix box into your DHCP.conf:

Document names onto your TFTP server, even if be in lowercase (it’s a nix supposing host, windows TFTP server almost certainly won’t issue ). The mobile might be configured manually using just two files onto your TFTP server. One using all the .cfg plus yet another called y000000000000.cfg

Yealink Remote Phonebook Freepbx

You have to define all selections which are shared to most of the mobiles being accessible from the y000000000000.cfg. My cfg includes got the “Account” portion given. You may nevertheless define all the options in the file whenever a choice is limited. This indicates offering priority into this Cfg because you’d count on it.

Now you Will See That a Lot of setup segments include a choice for’route’ such as:

[ RemotePhoneBook1 ] route = /yealink/config/Setting/ / Setting.cfg

URL = http://x.x.x.x/Phonebook1.xml

Identify = Phone-book Name

This is the point where the data given inside this portion is going to be saved on your telephone; since the documentation is comparatively abysmal for all these mobiles that this is available in convenient since you may set choices on the internet user interface and telnet into the telephone and find out the method by which the setup is stored.

The setup data is saved from the mac or even y000000000000.cfg precisely the same manner while the device outlets it from the inner arrangement document, as inside this case over the setting.cfg.’ As if you failed to recognize the selections for”RemotePhoneBook1″, then you set your phone-book info inside the internet user interface, and telnet in and then duplicate the”RemotePhoneBook1″ segment out-of yealink/config/Setting/ / Setting.cfg and place it within the files that are formulaic into auto supply your mobiles.

Cases of this phone book/touch XML’s are the way in the very bottom.

Sample Config that really is my own. cfg:

Here really is my y000000000000.cfg

[ autop_mode ] path = /yealink/config/Setting/ / / autop.cfg

#disable:0; electrical power :1; repeatly:4; per week:5;

## perhaps not certain what 2,3 and 6 perform, functioned out this 7 has been power + weekly

#schedule_min could be your period time to upgrade, the minimal price is just 1

#schedule_time and also schedule_time_end will be enough full time to get every single upgrade

#schedule_dayofweek may be your setting to get each choosen,” Sunday:0; Monday:1; Tuesday:2;…in the event that you’d like to upgrade just about every sunday and Saturday, you might place it into 06

## My case in point under will upgrade nightly between 1 ) and 2’m, too when driven . I am not 100 percent convinced, however that I feel that the schedule_min is just employed for

## selection 4, repeatly

style = 7

schedule_min = sixty

schedule_time = 1:00

schedule_time_end = 2:00

schedule_dayofweek = 0123456[ autoprovision ] ## My tftp server address, account aren’t necessary if applying tftp, you may utilize www or ftp with those selections

## if you’d like to supply with www or ftp I presume you put http:/or ftp:// at the front of the speech but I have certainly not experimented with it

route = /yealink/config/Setting/autop.cfg

server_address =

A #user =

#password =[ AES_KEY ] path = /yealink/config/Setting/autop.cfg

The #aes_key_16 =[ verse ] path = /tmp/download. Cfg

#to define a ringtone for upgrade

SO #the arrangement of this ringtone needs to be WAV

# a case to get an ideal server_address:ftp://wxf:123456@

The #server_address =[ Lang ] path = /tmp/download. Cfg

#to define a speech for upgrade

the # a case to get an idea server_address:

#server_address =[ contact list ] path = /tmp/download. Cfg

A#to define an XML phone book for upgrade

# a case to get an ideal server_address:

So ## Notice that you need to telephone the document contactData1.xml in your own web/FTP server, too, it’s case sensitive, and also, your phone won’t supply if you telephone it any such thing else

While ## This document is going to probably be downloaded and saved anyplace on your device whenever it’s provisioned (i.e., through nighttime ), this is helpful as it’ll fit incoming caller identification number into your name in case it’s located


–## from the contact listing. Cfg

#to define a firmware for upgrade

#server_type might be TFTP, FTP or Entrance

#. If the host necessitates authentication, both the login_name and also login_pswd are going to be properly used.

Server_type = TFTP

server_ip =

server_port = 6 9

#login_name =

#login_pswd =

#http_url =

firmware_name = name.rom[ RemotePhoneBook0 ] path = /yealink/config/Setting/Setting.cfg

## This XML is called anything you would like; it isn’t going to be downloaded into the telephone. However, it will probably undoubtedly be loaded out of the internet server whenever someone seems up the checklist to your telephone.


Identify = Mobiles[ RemotePhoneBook1 ] route = /yealink/config/Setting/ / Setting.cfg


Identify = Products and Services [ Time ] route = /yealink/config/Setting/Setting.cfg

Time-zone = +10

TimeServer1 =, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

TimeServer2 =

Period = 1, 000

#Set daylight rescuing time.SummerTime 0 signifies disable,1 Implies empower

Summer-time = 0

TimeZoneInstead = 8

Start-time =

End-time =

## Permit the codecs you need below


VAD = 0

CNG = inch, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

GPHS = 1 2

ECHO = inch [ Jitter ] path=/yealink/config/vpm. Cfg

Permit = 0[ Nation ] path=/yealink/config/voip/ / tone.ini

#The tones are characterized by countries, if Nation = custom made. The tailored values will probably be properly used.

Why is Cheap VoIP Services Trending?

Condition = Australia[ T One Param ] path=/yealink/config/voip/ / tone.ini

dial =

ring =

chaotic =

congestion =

call-waiting =

dialrecall =

listing =

advice =

stutter =

concept =

autoanswer =[ Default ] path=/yealink/config/voip/tone.ini

dial = inch

ring = inch

chaotic = inch

congestion = inch

call-waiting = inch, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

dialrecall = inch

listing = inch

advice = inch

stutter = inch

concept = 1 inch

autoanswer = inch [ PhoneSetting ] path = /yealink/config/Setting/Setting.cfg

BacklightTime = thirty, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

Manual_Time = 0

back-light = two

distinction = two, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

InterDigitTime = 4

FlashHookTimer = 300

Lock = 0

#the reach of the amount is inch ~1-5 [ Lang ] path = /yealink/config/Setting/Setting.cfg

#ActiveWebLanguage may be your feeling of speech LCD.

Inch =

2 =

3 =

4 =

5 =

6 =

7 =

8 =

9 =

10 =[ area-code ] path = /yealink/config/DialRule/areacode.cfg, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

code =

minlen =

maxlen =[ memory1 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Line usually means the lineup obtained in usage.0 is short to get automobile,1 represents line1…with the exception of a single state when kind is blf(DKtype:16),0 is short to get line1,1, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx) is short to get line2…

The #DKtype defines the kind of the major,including 0 to 17

#DKtype 0:N/A inch:Seminar two:Measure 3:Transport, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

The #DKtype 4:maintain 5: 5: D ND 6:re-dial 7:Telephone Yield

#DKtype 8:SMS 9:Telephone 10:Telephone Park 1 1:custom made

The #DKtype 1 2:voice-mail 1 3:speed-dial 14:Intercom 1-5:Line(on-line secret just )

#DKtype 16:BLF 17:URL

The #Set Memory key1, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

lineup = 0

variety = 0

Worth =

Callpickup =

DKtype = 16

PickupValue =[ memory2 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key2

lineup = 0

variety = blf

Worth = 901, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

Callpickup =

DKtype = 16

PickupValue = 901[ memory3 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key3

lineup = 0

variety = blf, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

Worth = 902

Callpickup =

DKtype = 16

PickupValue = 902[ memory4 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key4

lineup = 0

variety = blf, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

Worth = 903

Callpickup =

DKtype = 16

PickupValue = 903[ memory5 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key5

lineup = 0

variety = blf, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

Worth = 904

Callpickup =

DKtype = 16

PickupValue = 904[ memory6 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key6, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

lineup =

variety =

Worth =

Callpickup =

DKtype = 0

PickupValue =[ memory7 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key7, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

lineup =

variety =

Worth =

Callpickup =

DKtype = 0

PickupValue =[ memory8 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key8, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

lineup =

variety =

Worth =

Callpickup =

DKtype = 0

PickupValue =[ memory9 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key9, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

lineup =

variety =

Worth =

Callpickup =

DKtype = 0

PickupValue =[ memory10 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#Set Performance key10

lineup = inch, (yealink remote phonebook freepbx)

variety = inch

Worth = 900

Callpickup =

DKtype = 3

PickupValue =[ memory11 ] path = /yealink/config/vpPhone/vpPhone.ini

#from memory11 to memory 16 are configurations for 6 lineup keys of T-28

#DKtype significance is exactly the exact same as it’s characterized for memory card keys.Except for you personally which your lineup secrets can’t be put to blf(DKtype:16).

Glue contactData1.xml and Phonebook.xml. I have written an essential shine macro to export out of shine with the XML file format, so let me know whether you require it.

Utilizing the subsequent PHP script, you can also import T28 from the Asterisk phone book. This has been analyzed by AsteriskNow! A.k.a. FreePBX 2.7, you want the phone-book module.

Print (“n”); (yealink phone remote phonebook freepbx)

printing (“n”); printing (“Immediate n”);

set_time_limit(5); technique (“/ / usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “data-base series cidname” p /tmp/asterisk_cid-list.

Save the file using the title that you need (e.g., T28.php) beneath /var/www/HTML (or some proper subdirectory ), also shown into asterisk.

To the T-28 internet configuration page, then proceed to”Contacts” ->”distant mobile publication” and insert Entrance:/// / T28.php as phone-book URL, give it an ideal title under cellphone publication identify, and also validate, yealink remote phonebook freepbx.

The script has been removed out of the GXP-2000 XML Phone-book webpage and altered to get T-28.

Distant phone-book utilizing T28P using trixbox

Even a small modification is important in the event that you intend to use remote phone-book from trixbox

Print (“n”);

printing (“n”);

printing (“Immediate n”); set_time_limit(5);

technique (“/ / usr/sbin/asterisk -rx “data-base series AMPUSER” p /tmp/asterisk_cid-list.

Save the file using the title that you need (e.g., T28.php) beneath /var/www/HTML (or some proper subdirectory ), also shown into asterisk, yealink remote phonebook or address book freepbx.

To the T-28 internet configuration page, then proceed to”Contacts” ->”distant mobile publication” and insert Entrance:/// / T28.php as phone-book URL, give it a more ideal title under cellphone publication identify, and also validate.

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