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Sample vxml application

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Firstly The Sample VXML application. Employ a Voice record over Asterisk (based upon your VX I * Voice Internet Browser). Secondly, This asterisk app will now rename proximal consider that variant 14. In conclusion, The application uses Asterisk internal API (Immediate / DTMF / / document) and sets up the software.



  • Sound (drama and document gsm, URL, Wav, WAV documents )
  • Online Video (drama record h263, mp4, 3gp documents )
  • DTMF (bargain service )
  • Move (utilize Dial/Transfer software and also to swap using Asterisk function/variables)
  • Text to speech (many TTS supported using choice next HTTP jack, number, along with Festival/Flite along with Unimrcp software )
  •  Computerized Speech Recognition (Nuance, Lunenvox, Verbio, V-tech, VoiceXML interpreter Interaction, Vestec, utilize Asterisk Speech API or even Unimrcp )
  •  Makes up about Internet Hosting (ranges, URL, analytics, maximum restrictions )
  • Encoding ISO-8859-1 when added to the C0 control codes and ISO/IEC6429 is the favored name for this norm.


In the catch event handler, the factor VXML URL(or even VXML URL2) is put if XML will be conducted. However, the worth of the factor will get function while the URL.

In the event, the factor block form VXML ID is put when Sample vxml application is conduct. However, the VoiceXML Sample XML application SESSION ID factor refers to as ” telephone. id,” is put on. This specific respect (from the VoiceXML implementation session circumstance ).

This event is the factor VXML PARAM. Is put Sample XML application, if Vxml is conducting. Hence, Then the price of the factor is going to apply because of “telephone. param” (from the Voice XML lang en implementation session circumstance. After implementation, the VoiceXML documents effect pass with all. The labels and the land ‘Expr’ can be obtained with all the VXML RESULT changes.

XML Application (Sample vxml application)

Voice Extensible Markup Language (Sample vxml application), an electronic normalized markup language, considers the portrayal of human-PC exchanges. VoiceXML:

This product is intend to make sound discourse. It may be utilized for orchestrated speech, digitized XML version 2.0, acknowledgment of spoken info, and DTMF key information. Communication and blended drive discussions are likewise conceivable. Its primary role is to give the advantages of Web server substance improvement and content conveyance to intuitive voice reactions applications.



Cisco Unified Script

Cisco Unified CCX Scripts might reach out to the usefulness of a VoiceXML record. This content controls client calls and multi-media contacts. So You can utilize the means given by the Cisco UnifiedCCX proofreader to make scripts that exploit VoiceXML’s capacities. Contingent on the thing you are attempting to achieve. But You can connect to numerous Sample XML application records on the double in a Cisco Unified CCX script.

Background of VXML Version (Sample vxml application)

In March 1999, the Sample vxml application Browser Working Group was establishing. The mission is to foster a suite of principles related to discourse and exchange. These principles made the Speech Interface Framework [ SIF] which covers markup dialects. Hence, that permits discourse combination, acknowledgment, and standard language. However, VoiceXML Forum expressed that it would foster VXML version 1.0. it presents the work to the VXML element Browser Working Group.

As Sample XML application 2.0 developed. So, the exchange group zeroed in to represent prerequisites for discourse markup language [ DIALOG_REQS] and give itemized specialized user input. After XML version 1.0 presents. However, the discourse bunch started work on creating a VoiceXML application interpreter as an exchange markup language. To utilize in the Speech Interface Framework.

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To deal with demands for changes in Sample XML application version 2.0 from the Working Group individuals and other invested individuals. So, the change demand process is a grammar file. Changes could incorporate explanations, functional upgrades, or even total updates, rather than attempting to join all progressions imaginable into Sample XML application 2.0. However, we decided to restrict the degree. Hence, User responses to the field elements of scope are public.

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