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Rooms Overview - My Country Mobile Meta description preview: Jan 5, 2021 - Rooms Overview produced by famous Czech architect Eva Jiřičná, Hotel Josef will attract travellers that revere premium layout.

Rooms Overview

Rooms Overview produced by famous Czech architect Eva Jiřičná; Hotel Josef will attract travelers that revere premium layouts. Our towering glass-and-steel insides blend clear traces and fabrics that are tasteful. A vibrant beige and grey background emphasized by bold oranges and reds create a too inviting setting. Cabinets are just yet another heavenly characteristic: From her trademark fashion, Ms. Jiřičiná has generated a distance of supreme comfort, personal retreats of fresh glass, or elegant limestone.

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Rooms Overview

Inspired from the historical structure of the prior publishing home or apartment 480 area code with its high ceilings and warehouse-style dividers, the design of those 125 suites and rooms will be the epitome of all industrial-chic. Look at Brilliant and airy using an opinion for just two.

Rooms Overview scenic viewpoints and total elegance: Both the eighth and seventh flooring vantage front construction factors offer amorous vistas of Prague’s Old city and outside. Built with a kingsize mattress, Josef Castle will accommodate two different people. This ample space’s paned windows allow considerable daylight while the balcony frees company for morning meal alfresco or some pond aperitif. Above all, the very first Cocktail Hour beverage is on us once you reserve the particular room.


Ethereal and Full of natural daylight. De Luxe balcony chambers comprise pre-assembled closets and personal patio chairs. Love morning meal at hot encircles or unwind shortly after having a lengthy number evening of the holiday season. Spacious daylight and the ensuite bath that doubles as a fashionable spa retreat create them inviting rooms onto the top floor of this resort, a calm refuge.

ROOFTOP LOUNGE quiet alive one of the Roof-tops. On the silent back construction floor, the roomy Rooftop Lounge can be an entire space: spacious oversized windows, resulting in a huge balcony to the lodge’s upper floor all-natural lighting. This is possible for you to get a morning meal alfresco or delight in a sunset toast — be aware a Cocktail Hour beverage is comprised after reserving this space. Additional high lights striking distances would be the spacious chairs and whirlpool bath.

Lounger Settee ROOMS

Small package for households or longer remains. Anyone or families planning an extended stay in Prague can detect our settee space attractively. Above all, perhaps not just that the room 908 area code ample, a cloakroom and lounge and work areas deliver additional dwelling area. A slick glass table and also window-side chairs increase the flat texture as the little settee may bring outright to one mattress an ideal resolution for family members with kids.

SIGNATURE ROOMS fashionable victorian refuge. Is anyone comfortable using all the famous steel and glass structures? Hotel Josef architect Eva Jiřičná will love this Signature Rooms design. This detail is motivated by Ms. Jiřičná’s living area. This chamber’s emphasis will be the bath, a marvel of glass. And in-wall mirrored partitions that blur the borders between your dwelling and health places. This sleeping area’s wash lines and textured cloths are all heated by orange and red accents — vibrant, classic, and brilliant Jiřičná.

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Oasis using an opinion for Royal travelers

The title states it from that refuge top over town roof-tops you have an unmistakable Prague castle perspective. One space with a granite bathroom it’s on So the floor of the front construction. The balcony expands the dwelling number region to incorporate private outside seats at which also your may delight in a morning meal or perhaps a cocktail lounge. Be aware that a Cocktail Hour beverage is comprised in your home if booking the chamber.

Great ROOMS. Anything-but regular: Peru, triple or double using practical extravagance. So Even Superior provides a wide selection of elastic lodging choices. Above all the glass table and posh chairs, the area could be put together using a queen or queen mattress in addition to an optional additional bed for a third guest bedroom. But All of the Superior rooms Supply a different en bath.

Mini Rooms Overview

But Our small bitty pretty 1: Josef Single-room. So This comfy living place is perfect for vacationers on a yearlong metropolis break or business journey. So It supplies all of its different Josef rooms; however, its streamlined space is more tailored to one visitor. But Massive space for storing at the cupboard and a limestone bath offers the area added allure.

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