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Reverse Lookup Cmd

Description of Reverse Lookup Cmd:

Establish (CALLERID(name)=title [|that a ]) (such as Asterisk >= v-1.2. X ray )

SetCIDName(title [|a]) (such as Asterisk <= v1.0.x)

 It established Caller*ID Title onto a telephone at a brand-new price, maintaining the first Caller Id range. This is beneficial for supplying extra info concerning the named party. Reverse Lookup Cmd, Sets ANI, and should your flag can be utilized.

Be aware the station factor $undefine comprises the present telephone’s caller-id identify.

See Additionally

Asterisk cmd Place: To be utilize in combination with Asterisk 1.2 and more Reverse Lookup Cmd modern

The Asterisk cmd SetCallerID: Establish both caller id name and variety

This Asterisk cmd SetCIDNum: Establish the caller-id quantity

For Asterisk cmd LookupCIDName: Use ADB to accommodate variety to mention

So Asterisk cmd SetCallerPres along with Asterisk cmd CallingPres: allow or refuse the exhibit of caller ID/name facts

Reverse pursuit in Germany: Reverse exploration of german phone amounts. Com,, along with using ca-ching and also NANPA Codes