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How to Reduce Hold Time in a Call Center

Consumers are always in a hurry. They want to solve their problem quickly and will dial your call center if you don’t answer, so don’t disappoint them or keep their hold. Imagine how much more productive you would be with your phone if it weren’t on speaker and blasting loud hold music! No one wants to waste their time by placing phones near an agent waiting for a response. We want to reduce your customers’ time on hold and offer several solutions. Here is a list of some tips that can help reduce time in a call center.

Standard Hold Times for Call Centers

A simple way or reason is keeping them on hold for a long time. According to standard hold times, the first 20 seconds of a phone call can be crucial. After that, it’s time to make your presence known and show you’re ready for anything!

If you know that it is going to take longer than 20 seconds to hold a call, then make sure and check in with your customer. They may want the phone number or other information quicker than waiting for what’s happening behind the scenes!

Guidelines for Cutting the Hold Time in Call Centers

When you’re calling a call center and have to wait for quite some time, it’s frustrating because not only do they put us on hold but also sometimes we get forgotten about. So here are some ways to reduce the time your customers spend on hold.

Build a Knowledge Base

A company’s knowledge base is an essential tool to use not only when interacting with customers but also with their agents. The knowledge base is the future of customer service. You no longer have to pick up the phone and wait on hold; now, your questions are answered promptly with just a few clicks! Your call center will be able to answer calls more timely with this new system. Agents can be more productive with this software because they don’t have to spend time looking up information. Instead, they can search for answers in the knowledge base, which is usually faster than placing a caller on hold or transferring them elsewhere!

Let’s chat!

Why wait on hold when you can talk directly to an agent? You can call, email, or chat with one through your preferred means. It will save time and get customers what they need. Then, they can ask questions and go on with their day while waiting.

Maintain Continuous Agent Performance Monitoring

You can use metrics or tools to measure your agent performance and determine where they need improvement.

Monitoring Live Calls:- You can listen in on your agent’s conversation with a customer, and nobody will know.

Recording Calls:- The clever agent will notice trends begin to form and use this as an opportunity for growth. You can use these recordings to pinpoint and address the leading cause of constant hold times.

Dialing volume:- MCM’s metric provides a great idea of what hours require more agents to be online and when your team might not need as many members.

Call Information:- The number of unanswered or abandoned calls can give you an overview of how many times your team answered the phone. Metrics show the average duration of your wait time and talk frequencies.

Return call

You should offer to call back your customer if you know this will help with their problem. You don’t want your customer to have a bad experience. Calling them back will allow you time to address issues that arise so they can go about their day while we work together! A time frame will help you avoid being on the phone tag and frustrating your customer.

Routing Calls

Ensuring customers’ calls are answered swiftly and efficiently is an essential mind feature. Here are a few various ring strategies:- 

  • Round Robin: The agents are all connected by an automated system that rings one agent and then automatically transfers to the next available representative if the previous agent didn’t receive the call.
  • Least Used: The agent who has been waiting for their next call will get the following one.
  • Ring All: When an agent gets a call from this number, they will be able to answer all their phones simultaneously and whoever is available first.

Interactive Responsive System (IVR)

IVR is the key to ensuring your company’s customers get routes that will get them where they need to go in no time. With these settings, you can ensure every customer has an excellent experience.

Still, Have Concerns About Cutting Hold Time?

We’re always looking for ways to provide you with the most helpful information, and we’ll continue updating this post over time.

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