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Red Language

What is red language? It’s probably the most common English vocabulary word to convey a new idea, expression, or concept. What’s its meaning? So it’s the language in which information is expressed in an unknown or unfamiliar manner.

We know Red Language sounds like something from an alien planet because its only purpose is to convey a way of describing a possible concept. Just as we have words like sexual orientation, gender, nationality, race, and religion that describe our biological makeup, we use these words to describe our values, beliefs, and sense of self. So these words help us create mental pictures related to our psychological foundation.

How does it work?

Imagine a white person who is in a dark room. What color would they see if they turned on their flashlight? Its voice would be black because they do not have the perception of light. The way that red language works are similar. So there are only a few things that could be interpreted in this way. Any new concept needs to have something that cannot be seen or heard. The ability to create mental pictures is necessary for the communication process to go ahead.

One way of describing this is by saying that the red language has the number ability to create a mental picture. Red Language is not much different from creating an object’s mental image. You have to have the ability to visualize an object in your mind. So then, just as you make mental pictures of things, so too can you form mental images of words.

Benefits of Red Language:

It’s the only language that lets you experience a word by looking at it. So with red language, the way a name is spelled is not what’s important. What’s important is the way the person perceives that word. It’s not as though this knowledge is valuable; it’s only that it is unique to this culture. So what is the red language’s main benefit? Firstly, it gives people the ability to experience a new concept without actually having to create a mental picture of it.

Red Language

Red Language is tough to explain how this feature of red language works, but here’s a simple example. Let’s say that you’re at a restaurant, and they have a giant hamburger, and you are getting the chicken salad with the side of vegetables. So to experience the food, you must imagine that the hamburger looks like a hamburger without the bun on top. You also have to believe the side of vegetables but without the bread. What’s important is that you can form mental pictures of the food. 

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