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Receive Facebook Messages Via Sms

Together with Flex, your web visitors will get to you by way of stations such as SMS, WhatsApp, along with Facebook Messages. These pages detail the information handler for inbound messages on such My Country mobile-supported stations.

Automagically, Flex comes with a note Handler for processing inbound SMS. The communication Handler is mechanically connected with the telephone number that’s provisioned together with your Flex case.

The setup summarized with this particular page demands that you simply are employing SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messages, or even LINE.

The way You Should Configure Societal Concept Handlers.

All of Messaging Stations are going to have configurable webhook for processing inbound messages. You may set up the station at the games and then also point the webhook into some note Handler.

  • To get SMS, you may configure the concept handler around the cell phone numbers webpage (Notice: decide on Proxy assistance whilst the handler to observe the right handler.)
  • Get whats app you may configure the information handler working with the whats app sandbox.
  • To get Facebook, Line along with also other stations you may configure the call back URL in your Stations web page.

Preparing the Facebook Messages Handler

As Soon as You’ve located the Most Suitable place from the console to Prepare the Communication handler; then You Can Put the Incoming Concept webhook into the stage to

You may discover your default option Flex Proxy case SID from the Proxy area of these games. This webhook sends all inbound messages into the Flex Proxy assistance, that knows how to precisely move messages into Flex and fundamentally into your broker.

Make certain that there was a Flex circulation that correlates for the station and get hold of center id. That may be sure your message becomes hauled to Flex!

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