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SecoReal time Integration Of Asterisk 1.4 Together With Kamailio 1.5.x, Kamailio voicemail set

Legal for Kamailio (OpenSER) 1.5.x and asterisk 1.4.x — Workin Advancement.

Most Recent Launch in 1.5.1 String of Kamailio (OpenSER) Continues to Be V-1.5.1, Kamailio voicemail.

The most Recent Launch in 1.4 String of Asterisk is V-, xlog l info, Kamailio voicemail.


Kamailio Voicemail

Kamailio can be a pure VoIP indicating server utilizing Session Initiate Protocol — SIP. It’s elastic and thoroughly dispersed but cannot be used for present networking services, including voicemail, statements, or marketing.

Firstly, for those providers, the asterisk has quickly become the most convenient opensource item. Also, Inside this record, we demonstrate how to configure Asterisk to-use Kamailio’s reader’s database to give VoIP services Kamailio voicemail. Secondly, an entire setup record for (Kamailio voicemail) is submitted and listed below. Most permit to own a working technique by abiding by steps within the particular tutorial.


Linux-like functioning platform (cases within this record are also remarkable for Debian), Kamailio voicemail

asterisk 1.4.

Set up a unixodbc-dev package deal by way of your package manager. An alternative will always be to have the resources from, Optimize and then install them onto the own system. However, an asterisk (Kamailio voicemail) could have time and energy to find them and empower the ODBC alternative for the voicemail program.

In Debian:

Apt-get set up unixodbc-dev.

MySQL Setup, Kamailio voicemail

Also, You may set up Mysql to work with the packing procedure in the Linux distribution. The single actual requirements are usually to function as Mysql 5.0+. The majority of the distributions supply V-5.0+ from the default option now.

Once set up, You Can Put the MySQL root password using a control such as:

C-D /usr/local/src, Kamailio voicemail


pitch xvfz asterisk-, Kamailio voicemail method invite subscribe

C-D asterisk-, Kamailio voicemail (method cancel or method register or method ack)

. /configure

That was not any lengthier demand for minding Asterisk resources, Kamailio voicemail

Move Forward with normal Asterisk installment:


create install

Kamailio (OpenSER) Setup

C-D /usr/local/src


pitch xvfz Kamailio-1.5.1-tls_src.tar.gz, Kamailio voicemail

C-D Kamailio-1.5.1

create all include modules=”db_mysql”, Kamailio voicemail

create install include modules=”db_mysql,” Kamailio voicemail

UnixODBC MySQL Driver Setup

request routing logic or record routing Kamailio voicemail

Only set up the program to work with the programs in the Linux distribution. By Way of Example, to get Debian:


Apt-get set up libmyodbc

Also, Produce Kamailio (OpenSER) Database, 

To make the database required from kamailio voicemail:

/ / usr/local/sbin/ / kamdbctl make

This may make a database called ‘OpenSER’ and certainly will put in a Mysql consumer ‘openser’ using complete accessible for this. The default is ‘openser,’ you can shift it out until or instantly once you make the database.

As Soon as You produce the database, then you Want to Put in a brand new column into the contributor’s table. It is for to Put Away your PIN for Voice Mail accessible:

Change TABLE contributor A-DD vmail_password varchar(3 2 );

Produce Asterisk Data-base

Firstly, the database demanded from the asterisk will also like comprise two viewpoints of tables out of the Kamailio database. It is thus crucial to get Mysql 5.0+ as the views were launched inside this variant. Also, the Most That were a Mysql dining table (‘voice messages’) that can save the voice messages. see also cloud pbx.

Join as root from Mysql waiter:

Make database asterisk; 

Utilize asterisk;

Firstly, ‘identification’ int(11) NOT NULL auto increment,’

Secondly, ‘msgnum’ int(11) NOT NULL default’0”,

Thirdly, ‘dir’ varchar(80) default “,’

after that, ‘circumstance’ varchar(80) default option”,

‘Macro-context’ varchar(80) default option”,

‘Caller-id’ varchar(40) default option”,

‘origtime’ varchar(40) default option”,

‘length’ varchar(20) default option”,

‘mailboxuser’ varchar(80) default option”,

‘mailboxcontext’ varchar(80) default option”,

‘recording’ longblob,

Major KEY (‘identification’),

Crucial’dir’ (‘dir’)

) ENGINE = InnoDB;

Firstly, CREATE Look at VM user agent AS

Secondly, SELECT identification as uniqueid,

Thirdly, User-Name as customer_id,

After that, ‘default option’ as circumstance,

Then, User-Name as mailbox,

Finally, vmail_password as password,

CONCAT (first name, last name) as full name,

email_address as email,

NULL as a pager,

datetime created as postage

FROM openser.subscriber; 

CREATE Look at  sip request users AS

Decide on the user-name as title,

Firstly, user-name, and

Secondly, ‘buddy’ such as kind,

Thirdly, NULL (avp oexten null return) as key,

483 too many hops/ sl send reply 404 / sl send reply 483 / subscribe return

sl reply error or failure route

mf process maxfwd header

ru sip ru sel cfg or ip not defined

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