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The Raketu can be a proprietary protocol VOIP technique assembled making use of PURE peer-to-peer (P2P) systems, in conjunction with SIP. NO SUPERNODES! Not like other personal computer reliant applications, Raketu end-users possess the selection to install the app on use or computers RakWeb to obtain amazing benefits by way of an online web browser. While  Raketu supplies societal media incorporated together with networking.

Raketu in, Raketu Television in

So Raketu can be a completely free multilanguage program download which integrates unique technologies to send integrated-all in one single product-Communications, Entertainment and Information. Moreover, broadband or dial-up relations together with a lot better compared to cell calibre and also greater call completion prices.

Raketu Phoning, any IM, SMS, Television, VOD, data feeds, and much more — in One Single.

The Raketu-Biz For Companies — Communications along with information just

Raketu-Lite Calling, Rak-IM, email, SMS > communications just.

So Raketu-Mobile BlackBerry, i-phone

While RaketuMobile Beta-Windows cellular down load

Raketu-Mobile Other cellular apparatus

AS RaketuGadget Insert Raketu for a Google Toolbar (contacting or television )

It’s possible to create four distinct sorts of phone calls using Raketu!

Rak-Rak C-all (PC-to-PC/mobile-to-mobile) — constantly FREE

The RakWeb C-all (Phone-to-Phone)

As RakSMS C-all (Phone-to-Phone with SMS-text messaging)

Raketu on ANY Cell telephone!

 IM is utilized involving ANY cellular phone or in between ANY apparatus!

Raketu IM anyplace Who Has Any apparatus?

RakWeb- Everything around the internet, No-download!

Recently established RakWeb agency, some renowned technological innovation that makes it possible for Raketu end users to directly get into characteristics Raketu consumer supplies on Raketu’s internet site, by simply which calls, to delivering SMS and electronic mail in addition to IP-TV along with Video-on-demand entertainment products and services.

RakWeb will be currently in total synchronization using Raketu consumer, alterations manufactured on RakWeb may additionally think on Raketu consumer and vice versa, such as for instance email info along with etc.. You may even combine worldwide speak session on RakWeb to convey with all Raketu customers!

So If you’re operating A-Max, Linux, either Mobile apparatus or some additional operating platform, provided that you still experience an online web browser readily available, RakWeb are certain to provide you with exactly the services that you require.

Raketu Customer – Whole providers in the miniature downloadable application! Raketu Provides those Completely Free solutions:Communications:

— R AK into R AK VoIP Phone Calls

— Rakuten/Dial Outside support to property lines/mobiles

— SMS Text Messaging out of Raketu for its lowest prices

— Voice conferencing, DND, obstruct, etc.. typical telephony attributes

— Immediate multitasking, such as service for Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Google, Skype, MSN, Jabber, along with conferencing Throughout

— mail

  • Acquire alarms about new incoming emails out of the bridged IM account
  • Send out Electronic Mail to Anybody straight from Raketu

— World Wide Web phoning, SMS and Mail can also be made an accessible right onto RakWeb


— Newsfeeds, sports, weather and stock quotations using alarms,

— Built-in hunt:(net, songs, restaurants, theatres, recipes, wellness, what is pictures )

— Built-in travelling hunt (hunt flight advancement )


— Whole multimedia player with karaoke (audio and video )

— Podcast assist

— photograph viewers, PowerPoint demonstration viewer together with new music

— game titles


allow Raketu associates to see realtime broadcast tv with interactive conversation service.

— movie on-demand

Enable clients to navigate an internet movie catalogue, see trailers and also select the pictures they wish to see and create it watching experience a lot more personalized and interactive.

It has worldwide online presence role: click to call.

THIS PROTOCOL  has amazing interpersonal media attributes. Users are now able to take care of their profiles from inside of the  consumer, including much info on themselves since they need other people to look at and hunt on, for example adding fascination tags, avatars. Raketu supports that the drifting user performance because it is customers, that will log in Their accounts in almost any pc along with also their signature listing will probably be accessible with No Extra instalment required (pack-and-go)

This protocol was validated for free spyware, Malware, Virus by Softpedia, a completely unaffiliated supply.

It implements pure p2p because of its heart communications engineering and also Raketu doesn’t utilize supernodes. (find an excuse of supernodes: Exactly what exactly are supernodes: NO Supernodes- step by step advice about Raketu technological innovation.

This can be really a completely free multilanguage application download. Raketu has been designed to convey efficiently in 6 Distinct languages:

Affiliate Method:

This method delivers Affiliate method to each of its Raketu associates that enables them to get 8 per cent commission to the entire number your buddies devote to RakOut phone calls, that can soon be given for your requirements specific to an account.

Coming Shortly:

To amuse and excitement its associates, Raketu has included several Intriguing attributes:

Cellular (Symbian/Windows C E ) that can assist you to remain, attached to the movement together with Raketu. Estimate to be launch from Might.

Radio show, allows one to listen to the online radio, then hear a series, together with all the optimal/optimally signal high quality plus a lot more.

Step by Step outline of Raketu providers:


R AK into R AK Phone Calls

Support both equally broadband and incoming clients to telephone from PC to PC for entirely totally free!

Support both equally broadband and Invite clients to telephone in computer to mobile or cellular phones for exceptionally low prices. Freecalling to forty-two countries/locations. Assess the Wonderful Prices

SMS Text-messaging

Raketu’s SMS characteristic gives you the capacity to remain in contact with family and friends across the globe to your cheapest price tag from this only.

So Let you sponsor a voice convention together with up to 5 consumers encounter from other IM software.

Immediate multitasking.

Take out the frustration of working multi-purpose apps in your own personal computer. This feature enables one to at the same time signed in your Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Google, Skype, along with Jabber account while like most of the amazing benefits Raketu will be now offering.


So Send mails to anybody directly out of it and obtain notifications about new incoming emails from the IM accounts.

Each one of these services can also be on RakWeb.


Feed Installation.

Choose in your checklist; customize your search for information, weather, stock and sports. It provides you with that the advice immediately and acquiring the hottest stock alarms.

Built-in Hunt

Totally free. Input your search phrase or word and then choose what things to hunt on -online, product, restaurants, recipes, new music, podcasts, and also  certain to find the advice to get you personally.


Look for auto rentals, flights, holidays and resorts etc. So You may even understand the info on a trip ahead of advance. Watch in which it really is really on the map also if there’s just a delay or never.

Each one of these services can also be on RakWeb.



Full network players, Using an addition Karaoke characteristic. So Perform your favourite new music or see video/film about the monitor that may be easily edited for convenience.

Hunt, play, download, share and save videos onto your own favourite media player. Preset downloads from one’s podcasts along with it is going to finish up.

Photograph Viewer using New Music

However, Watch your graphics or Ability Point demonstration just as a slide show while unwind using classical songs playing at your backdrop.

Game Titles

Demonstration sport”Battleship” can be found below”enjoyment”. Assess this to your newest upgrade on Game Titles.


IP-TV. Examine evaluations, pick out a television station, and also have pleasure.

Online video On-demand

So Get and see your favourite picture anytime, everywhere you would like.

Each one of these services can also be on RakWeb and if you want to know a Sparefoot 

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