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Rainbow 3

Rainbow 3

Tasteful Appearance, Superb Voice-quality, User-friendly, rainbow 3

Coloration Display Internet Protocol Address Telephone 

So The Rainbow 3 is ATCOM’s supreme tasteful IP address mobile for users that are executive. And different professionals using a remarkable design. While The multi-purpose SIP accounts and TFT-LCD IP address phone. So It supposes to become a crucial terminal gear of workplace communication to get tasty enterprise, rainbow 3. With H D audio quality along with an improv speaker box. Also, it empowers an excellent premium voice practical experience plus calls. It will soon be like facial communication. 

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Elegant Look 

So However, It supports G.722 codec, which handles quite a vast range involving both very low frequency and also high rings. Also, it complies with using TIA920 certification criteria, so empower calls using an H-D sound caliber rainbow three like you are able to manage to communicate with one different social gathering. What’s more, the Rainbow show has become the very first IP address mobile which may encourage whole high definition, including as for instance H-D handset, H-D speaker, along H-D ringtones. 

Uncomplicated Configuration 

Even the Rainbow sequence supports Vehicle Provisioning from TFTP / FTP / HTTP / PnP, making setup, setup and upkeep of phones much easier and far more suitable. 

So Compatibility,

The Rainbow Collection is Validated by both Elastix along Broadsoft, to Guarantee great Compatibility with top VoIP platforms. 

Higher Level Connectivity and Expandability, rainbow 3

So It is in a Position to join Rainbow 3 together with the LAN system by PoE technologies (IEEE 802.3af Electrical Power Over Ethernet) or So even Wi-Fi technologies (Optional), to wash redundant wires out of the workplace table as well as 2x TFT-LCD enlargement Module might be joined by Rainbow 3. 

ATCOM Technologies co.,” LTD. 


Cable online

So An amazing benefit of cable online is how to space out of a supplier. So  It doesn’t impact the attribute of the link. Since there’s a bodily connection among both cable and user businesses, rainbow 3. The ceremony is perfect for readers who don’t talk cable stations along with other folks.

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