Qxact Reports

Qxact Reports

If you utilize ACD/Queues, you require Q-Xact that will assist you in getting the most out of your energy! QXact can be a sophisticated reporting module allowing administrators to watch every element of that queue reports.

With Q-Xact, you’re granted insight into each and each among one’s queue has a list of columns. However, Q-Xact provides total command on which info is shown for every kind of document and lets you construct custom-made templates for swift advanced reporting reports.

Hence, each account variety, such as “All Telephone Distribution by Queue”, features a set of column-thatches that may be assessed and unchecked to the fly perspective personalization. 


Qxact Reports

 QXact is divided into two segments. Templates and Studies detailed reports. Programs make it possible to construct and save the precise information you want from your document.

Reports allow one to conduct your template contrary to all your brokers and Queues. For more information, please Click the Link. 

Report Type-S 

Telephone Supply by Agent. 

All Telephone Supplies by Day, exact reports

So, As All Telephone Supply by Hour 

So All Telephone Supply by Week or Day, exact reports

Answered Service-level 

Unanswered Service-level, exact reports

Telephone Disconnection Cause 

 The Telephone Cases Checklist 

Answered Telephone Cases 

Unanswered Phone Length 

Custom Made — ACD by Queue, exact reports

So Custom Made — ACD by Day 

All Telephone Dist. By Queue — Mixed 

Ans. Telephone Distribution by Queue — Joined 

However, Units. Telephone Distribution by Queue — Joined 

Ans. Telephone Supply by Agent — Launched 

All Telephone Supply by Day — Connected, exact reports

As All Telephone Supply by Hour — Connected 

So All Telephone Supply by Day of Week — Connected 

Answered Service-level — Merged 

Unanswered Service-level — Merged

However, telephone Disconnection caused — Merged 

Phone Cases — Constructed Round Queues

Answered Phone Cases — Merged 

Unanswered Contact Cases – Merged,

Internet speed

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However, administrators monitor every aspect of control over what data is displayed for each type of report that columns can be checked.

QXact reports are fundamental in case you are utilizing ACD/Queues. So, it will assist you with augmenting your time.

However, QXact, a high-level revealing module, permits heads to screen all parts of lines. However, Q-Xact allows you to see every line.

QXact reports allow you to control information in writing. You can likewise make custom formats to work with speedy detailing. However, For instance, “All automatic Call Distribution By Queue” reports have a rundown that can be checked or unchecked to take into account customization.

QXact reports will be isolated into two segments. Reports and formats. Formats permit you to assemble the particular data you wish to see in an account and save it. Reports empower you to run your layout against any of your Agents or Queues.

Exact you to build custom templates for a quick reporting module that lets administrators unchecked for each type of report

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