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 QuoteWizard Wizard is a company that helps customers join with insurance companies to save on auto, home, life, and health insurance. Furthermore, QuoteWizard captured the telling every did provider worries that their heritage telephone supplier experienced an outage, bringing IVR services which electrical power QuoteWizard. Twenty-four hours after, the recliner nevertheless was not solved. QuoteWizard’s telecom services had been down, and also, the workforce was twenty-five hours for the usage (QuoteWizard).

The company helps consumers navigate the insurance landscape and enable easy comparison shopping. So it offers personalized quotes on auto, home, renters, health, and Medicare supplement insurance. The company services clients by driving consumers to insurance companies’ websites, providing leads to agents and carriers, and phone transfers into carrier call centers. The company’s products include Delty, a CPC platform; Cello, a lead distribution platform; and WizardCalls, a warm transfer platform. was founded in 2006 and is based in Seattle, Washington (QuoteWizard).

Advantages of QuoteWizard:

QuoteWizard enables users to search for insurance plan policies using rate and efficacy. Clients characterize the plan that they might require, and also within moments. So many reputable insurance coverage agents inside their field furnish rival quotations. The user chooses the optimal/optimal plan. And links into this broker on your telephone in the actual period to fill out the buy price. Therefore, QuoteWizard productively joins a client into a broker they have paid to your guide.


The dependability of this device infrastructure is mission essential to their sales flow. SO hammering far more cycles in working round the ceremony supplier valve they could not restrain, the staff decided to redeploy with My country mobile Voice API and incorporated IVR capacities of SMS. They assembled, tested, and set up a functional replacement for their current mobile number company weeks later (QuoteWizard). All of the time, their current service supplier’s friendliness continues.

Redeploy the workforce:

The workforce set up their newly-baked My Country Mobile remedy host to their previous procedures. And has never looked back as. Therefore, they utilized cold fusion to mind the My country mobile API and have incorporated it. So it is their worldwide web ports to give mobile established improvements to company operations (QuoteWizard).


The brand new method radically lowered downtime scales effortlessly as their quantity rose and saved them 3,000 monthly. So QuoteWizard works with multiple insurance lead management companies to help insurance agents increase productivity and sales. see also ldaho.

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