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Quescom Gsm Gateway

,Quescom Gsm Gateway

The Company a Single Amount, quescom gsm gateway

QuesCom Offers value-added services including:

Financial savings and management for your organization, 

Voice and Fax to an Identical amount, 

Freedom and convergence for cellular workforces.

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Financial savings and Command

Therefore, attach to this switchboard, QuesCom gear lessens telephone expenses to cell phones. On most of the calls, the organization advantages from your lowest deals, quescom GSM voip gateway. With one variety, the business comes with a total perspective of both fixed and cellular streams by way of statistics making. It is possible for investigation of its own activity.

Voice and Fax

The answer makes it possible for staff members to become contacted at any moment plus possess. An individual facsimile, quescom gsm gateway reachable with an email where they truly are. Could be attached with heritage PBX in excess of ISDN (BRI or PRI) in addition to T.38.

Freedom and Convergence

However, amount delivers ideal accessible or stationary and cellular phone calls. The clear answer permits you to become accessible at any moment with one quantity, quescom gsm network gateway. Therefore, employees may gain in the organization features in their cellular phone bills. The business is creating financial economies because of convergence.

Gateways Ques Com 20

However, QuesCom 20 delivers cost-saving into the more compact home and business purchaser. Being an Analogue remedy, it might join with some FXO interface of an analogue PBX. Using a fixed-line link with the PBX.

QuesCom Fifty

Even the QuesCom fifty is an entry-level together with two GSM stations. 

QuesCom 200

Even, the QuesCom 200 equipment is perfect for employers, quescom gsm gateway. It can be used with add applications to supply. Therefore, Enterprise a single Number of answers for up to 100 end users. 

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QuesCom 400

So, the QuesCom 400 equipment has become the most effective gateway easily to this scope. With precisely the exact embedded app while the QuesCom 200. It might assist up to five hundred end-users each stage as well as two 500 end-users at a bunch. So, While It’s linked to the PBX possibly in IP address or at ISDN, and is stand mounted. Know more about Lenox Cable & What Is Voice Termination.

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