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Disclaimer: I’m a QoS Skilled, qos firmware. However, It Still Is Good for Me. 


If, like me, you really have a Thomson / Alcatel Speedtouch 510 router, which pre-dates 2005, you have most likely been only a tiny discouraged at configuring what to get the job done well with Asterisk or some other SIP apparatus for this issue. 


The evaluation setup: 

I’ve one people static IP address speech, using a couple of Windows PCs and Linux bins supporting NAT, an Asterisk server, and also a couple of Snom along with Sipura apparatus. 2Mbps/256Kbps ADSL Demon Internet link in the United Kingdom. 


The situation: 

Firmware models up-to 4.2.7 of those Speedtouch just appear to encourage up to 6 4 NAPT interface forward. Additionally, it will not permit one to forwards interface ranges. This brings about tremendous issues when wanting to get ample port forward to your RTP interfaces for your own Asterisk server. 


The alternative: 

QoS Enabled Firmware Edition 4.3.2 , qos firmware



be certain you backup your router setup document until you move, as you’re just about to drop all of your settings and must start out from scratch, even in the event the setup goes such a thing such as mine. Do you have any other methods of linking to this web in the event the update goes wrong? Firmware updates can and DO fall short some times. I opted to examine this onto a router. Get yourself a download of one’s previous firmware variant at the same time in the event that it is possible, then you might have the opportunity to determine when something else goes wrong. 


( 0,38 for me personally ) 

inside IP address ranges and Addresses 

DHCP server? 

NAPT Port forward 

user.ini modem setup document 

Perhaps you have published this out on a particular page? You are definitely going to be offline for a short time! 

Exactly why update? 

Simply, the final result is just what I had been searching for but couldn’t come across. Even the Speedtouch currently supports IP address QoS and interface forwarding collections — that I will concurrently make huge downloads to run on an FTP host and also play with internet flash games with no significant disruptions to traffic. 


Setup (requires additional detail including ): 

Following making Certain, You Own a Couple spare hours beforehand and also an escape path on the net in case it fails. 


Include extra IP addresses into an own workstation from the / 2-4 subnet or even / 2-4 subnet if that is perhaps not exactly what you are previously utilizing — that the modem will revert into the but much more about this after. 

Set up the update for the modem. You may most likely reduce your IP-addresses. 

Don’t POWER DOWN THE ROUTER before the update IS total — you’ll ruin it should you’re doing. 

Utilize the web browser from your decision to browse into this router in or even — whatever matches you personally. 

The user interface has changed — just take a few moments to make it to be familiar with a new design. The interface is significantly slower. However, we are likely to require a couple of short cuts by manually hacking on the user.ini file. 

Choose that the Speedtouch tab onto the left and right proceed to”Configuration.” That was actually a hyperlink in the base”Setup” to secure you moving. Now you want the VPI/VCI preferences and link particulars. 

As soon as you’ve reconnected into the web, then go to the toolbox tab>person direction and transform your Admin username back into your own recalled kinds. 

Return into Speedtouch->

Setup and decide on”restore or Save Configuration” care never to overwrite your copy of those 4.2 firmware configurations qos firmware. 

In case your NAT subnet really isn’t the default open the document in notepad and then perform an international search and change 192.168.1 to get x.y.z at which x.y.z your own / 2 4 subnets. 

Conserve file, navigate to this at the UI, and hit on”recover Configuration Today…”. The internet protocol address of this router may alter, and also the internet browser will automatically screen”Page can not be shown” or anything similar to this. In case the router has been moved to the point, it’ll return straight back again to the default IP address and then drop the alterations left qos firmware.

Open a control window and then telnet into the Brand New Internet Protocol Address of this modem. Kind”config rescue” and input user.ini when prompted to your file name. Type power and exit farther down the router. Re-power it following having a matter of moments. 

At this phase, you need to have an operating Speedtouch 5 10 together with the brand new 4.3 firmware as well as your initial IP addresses. Now you can get rid of the excess IP addresses in the web site. 


Currently, for your own QoS and interface forwarding, qos firmware



You have to Get Rid of this lineup out of connection.ini; differently, it attempts to divert SIP into some FXS port which the router doesn’t possess (that the FXS port exists Just in the Speedtouch 716) 


Shuffle application=SIP port=5060-5060 

Units in Your Own LAN 



In Case You Don’t need to wait for 30 Minutes to the own router to find all of the devices on your system afterward visit hostmgr.ini and include some apparatus the router Hasn’t yet discovered in the system, e.g. 



Publish the recently edited document into your router and then await it, qos firmware


We are not exactly accomplished. 

Utilize the internet browser to attach with an own router and go into the”Home Network” tab and then select”Develop a brand new video game or app.” 


Hint: that the Internet Console doesn’t permit distances in app titles. 

Decide on”Handbook Entry of both Ports” and hit”Next. 

Type-in Asterisk and crucial on your vents, qos firmware 



. Insert (switch for an RTP vent as described in rtp.conf and also RTP_Asterisk previously ) 


Go to the ToolBox tab and then select”Video Game and App Sharing.” Click the Asterisk. Opt for Asterisk in your drop-down and point it in your waiter, qos firmware 


(Duplicate the aforementioned app sharing for virtually any standalone mobiles perhaps not working throughout your own server and matches ). 


That is it! 

You also Need to Be Able to possess a Few calls at the queue Although enjoying CSS on-line, qos firmware 


To Show That it functions 

telnet into the router 


Kind”IP QoS lineup stats.” 

and You’re Going to find something similar to that: 


Identify Queue # packets # packets # packets # packets # packets Marking 

Additional declared eliminated lost substituted, qos firmware 

pvc_Internet 0 833 0 833 0 0% 

Inch 0 0 0 0 0% 

two 251 0 251 0 0% 

3-2 0 2 0 0% 

4 183 0 183 0 0 % 

5 30 0 30 0 0% 

Produce a telephone into a incoming SIP accounts and form the control : 


Title Queue # packets # packets # packets # packets # packets Marking , qos firmware

extra declared removed lost substituted , qos firmware

pvc_Internet 0 1398 0 1398 0 0% 

inch 0 0 0 0 0% 

two 251 0 251 0 0% 

3-7 0 0 0 0% 

4 187 0 187 0 0 % 

5 386 0 386 0 0% 

You will observe that Queue 5 chooses the majority of the RTP packets. The ones who escape other aisles are likely as you have overlooked to disable UPnP. 


And Following per day. 


Title Queue # 1 # packets # packets # packets # packets Marking 

extra declared removed lost altered , qos firmware

pvc_Internet 0 179859 0 179859 485 twenty five 0 percent 

inch 23856 0 23743 11-5 2 0 percent 

two 15834 0 15834 2 0% 

3 198 0 198 0 0% 

4 17745 0 17745 0 0% 

5 1967385 0 1967385 0 0% 

You might need to test out all the”ipqos config” control to modify the QoS degree from”wfq” into”stringent” if this really is simply not fine enough, however what far really should provide you some functional QoS execution qos firmware. But everything about the Steam iptables…… 




If you are wondering I have mappings because of the Sipura SPA-3000 different towards the Asterisk server, then, in addition, qos firmware, it concurrently logs onto if my Asterisk server fails is being spanked. It rings on the SPA-3000, then if Asterisk is jogging, it moves in my ACD agent queues. It has been ringing when Asterisk just isn’t working out. 


Possible issues 

I encounter the other Speedtouch 5 10 that always rebooted soon after adding a few vent mappings. The issue looks like the 4.3 form of this firmware works by using a lot of their router memory card qos firmware. Publish a number of those un-necessary match definitions out of your service.ini area of this user.ini document to treat the issue but we can also provides a Internet Provider. 

For some more information about speedtouch,visit nat support