Press Release MCM Appoints Board of Director

Press Release MCM Appoints Board of Director

Micro VoIP Telecom is a significant provider of UK-based web organizations and VoIP correspondence answers for small associations. It reports to the Board on the actions of Simon Burckhardt, past Vonage UK MD. My Country Mobile(MCM) plans to continue its record-breaking 2019 with a year of more than 300% growth in its VoIP business.

My Country Mobile(MCM) continues to build its outstanding assistance reputation by focusing on the unique needs of small associations. Micro VoIP Telecom, Traditional expert communities, have ignored this market segment for a very long time. Parliament Statistics reveals that the UK has 5.4 small associations. Therefore, These associations employ 0-9 people. These associations account for 96% of all organizations and 33% of UK turnover.

Micro VoIP Telecom

Also, Burckhardt is a veteran of the industry and a part of MCM. He has stood firm at BT, Telefonica, and MTS in Russia. From June 2019 to June 2019, Vonage UK’s Managing Director. He achieved twofold digit growth year-on-year during the last five years at Micro VoIP Telecom.

I am satisfied with MCM’s progress since we sent off our small business VoIP correspondence program. Similarly, Simon will help us speed up the process and make MCM the preferred VoIP provider for UK-based small businesses to extend Micro VoIP Telecom.

MCM Appoints Board of Director
MCM Appoints Board of Directors

Telecom Affordable

However, MCM is experiencing electrifying developments as small and large private enterprises search for affordable telecoms options and VoIP plans to Micro VoIP. As the UK’s telecoms focus digitizes, I am eager to join Anthony and MCM in their quest to serve the smaller business market than any other provider. Simon, who died in the summer of 2019, was the Managing director at Vonage UK & International.

Vonage, a NASDAQ-recorded cloud-based correspondence organization, offers global associations UC, CCAs, and CPaas. Similarly, Simon’s UK group was focused on providing Micro VoIP Telecom and UC items for the dynamic SME market. Therefore, Their quick, fundamental, “easy-to-business with” approach helped them become one of the UK’s most prominent providers. Moreover, it led to double-digit pay growth every year starting in 2013.

Big Data Association

His previous calling was a “C-level occupation in global telecoms organizations, including O2, BT, and Ooreedo (Micro VoIP Telecom), with various regions from Qatar through Moscow. However, he remained true to his roots in other tech organizations, including a Big Data Association.

Therefore, A flexible advance a consulting business with BT associates. In addition, Simon is currently acting as an administrator and instructor for various telecom-related organizations. Consequently, he is happy to have Micro VoIP Telecom in his portfolio.

Micro VoIP Telecom Correspondence

Above all, MCM is the UK’s leading supplier of VoIP correspondence. Similarly, It is 100% focused on small associations. Anthony Karibian founded MCM to assist UK-based company clients. Many of these clients work remotely and need a sophisticated telecom and VoIP plan. MCM continues to disrupt the business with its lowest rates and 5-star client management. Discover more data at

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