Polycom Soundpoint Ip 331

Polycom Soundpoint Ip 331

Polycom Soundpoint Ip 331

The SoundPoint IP 331 can be a two-line SIP mobile that provides excellent audio quality in addition to a vast selection of supported company telecom attributes polycom soundpoint ip 331. The SoundPoint IP 331 mobile, Having its dual-port 10/100 Ethernet switch to LAN along with a computer system relationship, gift ideas a cheap alternative for asynchronous workers, also, to call centre operators using a more”tricky cellphone along with a more”delicate“ consumer running over the personal computer. 

Fantastic Sound-quality 

The SoundPoint IP 331 mobile comes with a full-duplex IEEE 1329 Sort 1-compliant speakerphone using Polycom’s mythical Acoustic Clarity technologies that produce exceptional audio quality also empowers noise-free along with echo-free discussions, which can be natural to be there. 

Enterprise-Grade Function Establish 

Even the SoundPoint IP 331 cellphone supplies an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is a complete feature collection surrounding both conventional small business telephony capabilities like call hold, playground, pickup, and transport, along with multi-community automation, and even higher level capacities like shared call/bridged overall line look, hosts integral XML micro-browser, along with identifying telephone therapy. 

How to Call Canada from Hong Kong
How to Call Canada from Hong Kong

Powerful Setup and Provisioning 

The SoundPoint IP 331 mobile is designed to earn setup, setup, and upgrades as uncomplicated and successfully as you possibly can. The mobile’s ordinary base rack might be turned into be wall bracket, eradicating the demand for another attachment. Constructed IEEE 802.3af PoE circuitry plus also a DualPort Ethernet swap to empower flexible installation possibilities and personal savings on cabling expenditures. 

In the present Internet-driven world, the capacity to run real-time conversations and cooperation is now vital to a business’s success. Whilst the industry leader in video, voice, information, and Internet options, our award-winning IP telecom, and seminar tech, make it effortless that people to socialize and optimize growth within virtually any media, in pretty much any surroundings, wherever around the planet. This is exactly why a lot more businesses globally use and favour Polycom IP telecom and program remedies. Due to the fact when folks interact, good things transpire. Notice the way personally, as well, can reach fantastic things using all the Polycom SoundPoint IP 331 desk-top. 

Lines (listing Amounts ) 

up to two lines up to 2 requirements per lineup 


102 x-33 pixel-graphical liquid crystal display 

attribute Keys 

3 context-sensitive”tender“ secrets 

two lineup keys together with bi-colour (red/green) LED 

two feature secrets (“Menu” and”Dial“) 

4-way navigation essential bunch using centre “pick out” main 

two-volume controller keys 

Committed grip vital 

So Committed headset crucial 

The Committed hands-free speakerphone crucial 

Committed mic mute crucial 

Headset Compatibility 

Committed 2.5-mm headphone jack harmonious with the majority of monaural cell phone headphones 

929 Area Code New York

hearing-aid Compatibility 

Compliant with ADA Section 508 Suggestions: subpart B 1194.23 (all) 

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) handset to get magnetic coupling to approved HAC hearing aids 

appropriate for commercially-available TTY jack gear 

So Audio attributes, polycom soundpoint ip 331

Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone together with Polycom 

Acoustic Clarity engineering 

So Sort inch compliant using IEEE 1329 full-duplex expectations 

Frequency answer — 300Hz — 3300Hz for telephones, headset along with hands speaker phone manners 

Codecs: G.7 11 µ/A plus G.729A (Annex B) 

So Different volume options with visible responses for every single sound course 

Voice activity detection 

comfort and ease of noise meet 

So DTMF tone creation / DTMF celebration RTP payload 

Low-delay sound package transmission 

So Flexible jitter buffers 

packet-loss concealment 

So Acoustic echo cancellation 

Wallpaper noise cancelling 

So Telephone Managing attributes, polycom soundpoint ip 331 

Common telephone / bridged lines look 

So Adaptive line overall look (just one or even more lineup secrets might be delegated for every single lineup expansion ) 

distinct incoming call treatment/call waiting around 

Polycom Soundpoint Ip 331

Phone timer 

So Telephone move, hold, divert (forward), pickup 

named, calling, connected party facts, polycom soundpoint ip 331

So neighbourhood three-way conferencing 

OneTouch velocity dialup, redial 

So Telephone waiting around 

distant missed telephone telling 

So Intercom 

computerized off-hook call positioning 

So Don’t disturb the work 

Other Characteristics, polycom soundpoint ip 331

So inter-operability with Microsoft® LCS 2005 for anti and existence 

Compatibility with Microsoft Office Communicator along with Windows® Messenger 5.1 Customers 

So Enabled for Polycom Productivity Suite 

Neighbourhood HT125ML GUI, polycom soundpoint ip 331

Time and Time exhibit 

So User-configurable Con-Tact directory and also telephone heritage (missed, set, and obtained ) 

Wave document service for call progress tones 

  •  UTF 8 personality service, polycom soundpoint ip 331

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