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Polycom Ip500

A few folks assert this mobile could be your finest IP telephone available on the marketplace polycom ip500. However, like just about any telephone, you have to select the opportunity to put in it accurately. Please consult with Polycom Phones. 


The announcements below about Polycom issues would be the perspectives voiced by one personal (DynamicBytes). A lot of people using this ip500s concur it’s a superior cellphone polycom ip500. The secret, or lesson learned by the undermentioned editor, will always be to at all times go using a licensed freelancer in the event you have yourself a poor batch of mobiles. The biz subscriber record will, in typical circumstances, have excellent hints seeing wholesalers. 


I’m scared I could not, in fact, suggest anybody purchase any Polycom product or service. You can find plenty of bugs using those mobiles that I will replicate (see beneath ) polycom ip500. It’s perhaps not sensible to anticipate every single problem to manifest itself in most circumstances. Many may never observe the issues listed underneath. 


A whole lot of goods have bugs, as well as generally, in the majority of instances, the producer takes a fascination with pest control and fixes the issues. I’ve spoken with different men and women at polycom ip500 (Mike Ellis, Charles Lee, etc.) and instructed me concerning issues I’ve registered, however, they’ve made it crystal clear which they no intention about after up in my own reports polycom ip500. 

Official reseller polycom ip500

In the event you don’t acquire their services and products out of an official reseller, just forget about any support aside from intentionally obvious components issuespolycom ip500. I couldn’t discover a set of licensed wholesalers everywhere about the Polycom site. I was likewise not able to locate such a thing saying there could not be supportive when I did not acquire from the business with this checklist. 


Item advice:,1443,pw-34-182-3025,00.html 


Clarification on Polycom service coverage polycom ip500

Polycom will not offer functional aid to get rid of consumers. 


Polycom encourages their mobile to get used by special systems that are authorized. Therefore, they present aid straight into the programmers of their systems that are authorized. Whenever you get a VoIP platform out of the Polycom technological innovation associate, the seller of this system can be a purpose of contact with the operational aid of this technique. Whenever you obtain a Polycom mobile for the Asterisk platform out of an official Polycom trader, this trader can be a purpose of contact with functional aid problems. 

Most importantly, in the end, licensed Polycom traders will move together valid bug stories to Polycom. To obtain phones specifically from Polycom, you got to an authorized reseller. To turn into an official reseller, you also have to reevaluate with Polycom using a few of these platforms that are supported. Polycom will take on insect reports in their own tech mates as well as their licensed resellers.  see also porting.


It really is comparable to routine telephone services. You buy phone support out of ABC phone organization; also, you also obtain a phone created by X Y Z business polycom ip500. Now you are having trouble with all the devices. i.e., that you don’t possess the communication stutter dial tone; whenever you own a note. 

Does one telephone X Y Z firm? No, your telephone that the ABC phone organization to be certain they have your voice-mail configured properly polycom ip500. In case the challenge is the device doesn’t supply any dial-tone (i.e., that the handset is damaged ), then you definitely telephone producer of this device (or your own seller ) to find the telephone changed. 

Consumer services

This paradigm can be utilized through the entire consumer services and products marketplace. Your Telephone manufacturer isn’t going to support conditions which need to be addressed from the mobile carrier, your television manufacturer isn’t going to support conditions which need to be taken care of by your own satellite or cable firm, your pc manufacturer isn’t going to support conditions which need to be taken care of from the online supplier. The listing of examples goes on.  see also webphone.


If you’re employing Asterisk in your own VoIP platform, then you’re the VoIP supplier. In the event you turn up a real insect at the Asterisk program (and never only a configuration issue ), then report it into the bug tracker (supplying the requisite debug logs) along with difficulty is going to be considered over with way of an exact gifted and dedicated team of men and women which have become eager to check in the problem. In the event, you turn up a bug at how the Polycom mobile is currently working, report it on an own phone seller. 


Polycom DOES present hardware replacement and supports defective mobiles to get rid of Clients. 


Polycom telephones do the job reputable and without any difficulty in a properly configured Asterisk technique. 




Regarded Issues 

Phone Can Not Affect the Following Upgrade into SIP 1.4.1 



Once an update to SIP 1.4.1, polycom ip500 the telephone is going to suspend the”Welcome / Processing settings…” display, in the event, the next requirements are all fulfilled: 


Phone, to begin with, has SIP variant 1.3.0, 1.3.1, or 1.3.4 onto it. (Quite Possibly any previous variant ) 

Configurations > Community Configuration gets the Subsequent configurations (for Example ): 


DHCP Consumer: Handicapped 

Phone Internet Protocol Address Addr: 



Before updating, alter Configurations > Community Configuration into the default option preferences of 


DHCP Consumer: Enabled 


For those who have upgraded polycom ip500 to SIP 1.4.1, then downgrade to an earlier variant to create the setup varies, then improve straight back into SIP 1.4.1. 


Telephone Freezes Up 


Together with BootROM 2.6.1 polycom ip500 and out of (at least ) SIP variant 1.3.1 to 1.4.1, the device tends to freeze after being around for all times. That isn’t any discernable pattern as to as it transpires, also no means to forecast it. Maintaining the re Pair keys (quantity -, Volume+, maintain, and Messages) onto the keypad will do nothing whatsoever. 



Get Rid of electricity on the telephone for an Instant. Once electricity is restored, your device is going to boot normally. 

Re-boot the telephones every 23 times to stop the freeze. (Watch Polycom re-boot hardphone script for a single way of accomplishing this) 

Extra Facts 

This issue has since never been mended at SIP 1.4.1. polycom ip500


(bruce) The problem doesn’t come about with SIP v-1.5.2. polycom ip500 I’ve got components that have sixty + days of bandwidth with no problems. 


Stray Pixels Seem about the Display Screen , polycom ip500


Despite the most recent BootROM (2.6.1) along with SIP applications (1.4.1), stray pixels seem around the monitor. They truly are often, however, perhaps not consistently, at your community just over where it’d state”XX fresh missed phone calls.” 



All these really are not anything much more than a hassle and normally move away by themselves. When it disturbs you, then you are able to re-boot into the telephone polycom ip500. 



Between nip v-1.3.1 along with v1.4.x, Polycom transformed the placement of display things to eliminate several issues with pixels. In the event, you didn’t upgrade your own mid.cfg after upgrading into v1.4.x, then you aren’t going to benefit from such corrections polycom ip500. Additionally, changes had been designed to display screen section placement were manufactured with all the discharge of v1.5.x. 


In the event you take advantage of an idle picture, ramble pixels at the reduced section of the display screen may likewise be an indicator your picture is overly high. The most magnitude of a lazy image to your IP500 is 112 pixels wide by fifty-two pixels. (Watch Polycom Idle Photographs ) 


Cell phone Re-boots Using Hefty Network Visitors, polycom ip500


Verified with BootROM 2.6.1 along with SIP variant 1.4.1, your device is going to in 1st, eventually, become lethargic and, on occasion, even quit reacting entirely, then re-boot itself if there was major traffic to this system. I’ve observed the device ceased reacting in as few as 1 ) minute and re-boot under 3.5 seconds. 



Set mobiles and PBX, on different subnet or VLAN from traffic. Even after that, together with ample VoIP targeted visitors, you might still find issues polycom ip500. 


(dbruce) This dilemma doesn’t take place with v-1.5.2 underneath simulated load requirements. (analyzed in a laboratory environment utilizing ten mobiles over the 10MB plan with 60-minute enrollment polycom ip500, Numerous existence bundles, a Number of simultaneous busy calls and also mimicked community loading ) .

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