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Polycom IP Phones Url Call is Disabled Error

My Polycom desk phone cannot get a dial tone, and the display reads Url name is disabled.  If available, we especially propose consulting an IT or networking expert while managing the network issue. Polycom IP Phones Url Call is a Disable Error.

Confirm that All Ports and Cabling are Useful:

Plug the affected cellphone into an extraordinary Ethernet port. Switch out the Ethernet cable of the concerned Polycom phone for a specific one. Unplug the affected phone, and strive for a running cellphone with the same port/cable. See if you may get entry to the cellphone’s web interface (GUI) with the aid of typing the phone’s IP address into a web browser. An incapability to access the net GUI is a strong indicator that there may be a network hassle (the telephone being on the wrong subnet, which may be confirmed by using walking ipconfig to compare the phone’s IP with a laptop’s at the identical community.) Polycom IP Phones Url Call.

Check firewall settings Polycom IP Phones Url Call

If possible, make sure the telephones are passing via the best router (a modem/router combo gateway to another standalone modem is a probably elaborate setup). Disable SPI and SIP-ALG within the router (if in a position) and reboot the router. Set both primary and secondary DNS at the routers to factor into the ISP DNS. Then perform a community electricity cycle. Polycom IP Phones Url Call is Error. This error commonly indicates a neighborhood network connectivity trouble, typically related to a DNS failure to clear up. However, this can consist of A firmware may be required.

Fortivoice Cloud 

Log in to the 8×8 Work for Desktop, and click on inside the header. In the listing of call queues, click to log out of the call queue. Click Login to log lower back within the call queue and receive calls. Similarly, can I force a member to sign off from her assigned column? You can pressure a member to sign off from a queue. Let’s anticipate the person Polycom IP Phones Url Call has left the workplace for the day.

However, I forgot to log off from the queue. While modifying a call queue, go to the number one or secondary contributors listing where that user belongs to. Click after the favored person and pick Log out from the line to force the person to sign off the queue. Basically, Where can I fast look at user login permission in a call queue? You can check the customers’ login permission in a call queue by going to the call queue’s Info Panel. Polycom IP Phones Url Call.


Does Polycom IP Phones Url Call Do Call queue Voicemail?

Check the reputation to Allow dealers to log in and out from assigned queues: ON. The marketers can log themselves inside and out in their designated lines. This feature can assist sellers in logging off temporarily once they should be far away from their desks. The retailers can’t log themselves out in their assigned queues. Use this selection to automatically log on your dealers to the line when they emerge as available. The sellers can log in to 8×8 Work for Mobile, 8×8 Work for Desktop, or make themselves from the 8×8 Work for Desktop.

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