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PBX systems are typically used for residential customers, but businesses and organizations are increasingly choosing PBXs to keep their communication lines working efficiently. This short article discusses how PBX works and the features of Planet PBX, a system that can purchase to support PBX for a single line or multiple lines.PBX systems are used by individuals and businesses that require an in-house telephone system for internal use. With a PBX system, the company can customize its phone features to fit its needs. It can also retain control over what employees can use the phone system. In addition, PBX systems provide an easy way for an organization to connect with their customers by offering a single phone line that customers can call at any time.

Advantages of planet PBX:

PBX features include a caller ID, multi-party screening, voicemail, and faxing. In addition, a telephone system installed with a PBX system can provide the following features: PBX services are provided by service providers that work with call centers to install the PBX system and provide customer service.

Some businesses and organizations purchase PBX systems and then hire a call center to handle the phone calls. The caller ID feature of a PBX system ensures that all of the rings from customers go to the call center, and customers do not have to worry about picking up an unknown number on the caller ID.

PBX features

There are two essential features of planet PBXs, PXS and PDX. First, a PBX system has characteristics of both types. For example, with a PXS system, a PBX system can only support one phone number. So it can intend for businesses that want to provide one-to-one customer service for customers. On the other hand, a PDX PBX system can support five telephone numbers.

A Planet PBX feature typically includes voicemail, toll-free customer service, and a call screening. In addition, a PBX can connect to a PBX system that connects it to multiple landlines and multiple extensions. This feature can use for businesses that need various customers. So it can use by small businesses to allow multiple employees to receive and forward calls.

Disadvantages and issues of PBX:

The typical phone features that can offer with a PBX system include caller identification, phone forwarding, and call screening. When customers call a landline, the service provider (usually a local telephone company) can forward the call to a planet PBX system using the Caller ID. Caller ID allows the customers’ callers to identify and tell the caller who owns the ring. When customers call a PBX, the PBX system calls the caller directly. So it provides all of the features that the PBX system is capable of. In addition, PBXs can offer voicemail, call screening, faxing, and long-distance services. PBX systems can be connected to multiple extensions and features, including Direct Access (DA), Wide Area Network (WAN), Voice Mail, Call Waiting, and more. 

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When customers call from a non-PBX number and enter a call label, they can place it on hold until a PXS operator answers the call. Callers can also be put on hold until a customer service provider answers the call. PBXs can have customer service features including, voicemail, call waiting, automated attendant, human service representatives, and more. Callers can sign up for one of the customer service services offered by a PXS system. So it may not have to worry about the call going to voicemail. An organization or business can select a planet PBX system. And then connect to it through a phone line or a VoIP system, using a PBX system as the interface to the system. PBX systems can use by individuals or businesses that can handle multiple lines. 

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