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PDD – Post Dial Delay

The post Dial Delay manual is meant to help troubleshoot any difficulties with My Country Mobile Programmable Voice calls that show post-dial delay (PDD) or have a long wait until the call starts ringing. This manual covers the following issues for assessing and solving your problems.

Assess for My Country Mobile Incidents

Examine the My Country Mobile Status Page to determine whether there’s an active episode or an episode when you reported PDD problems, which may be causing your difficulties.

For complete details, please visit Assessing My Country Mobile Service and API Status together with the Status Page. Mobile phones generally have more extraordinary PDD times because of the nature of the technologies they use.

Significance of PDD

Post Dial Delay (PDD) is the time or delay that occurs from when a number has been dialed until the caller or called party hears ringing. Post-dial delay is more common on wholesale termination (LCR) products. which provide aggressive ratings as a product of having multiple carriers attempt to complete the call.

This occurs because each carrier can take a few seconds to acknowledge their ability to complete the call. Most pages within the telecommunications industry consider anything under 7 seconds as an acceptable amount of PDD. Most will not troubleshoot PDD that is less than 7 seconds.

Issue replicate

In case you Have the Ability to copy the PDD problems, just some of the periods on forecasts in the Exact Same way, assess for any routines: In case PDD is seen from incoming callers utilizing a particular service supplier (or even a small set of suppliers ), then escalate into the caller’s service supplier. 


Suppose PDD can view incoming callers utilizing a particular service supplier (or even a small set of suppliers ). Then read on for further troubleshooting. If no routines are available, collect extra illustrations, then read on for further troubleshooting.

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