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Freeswitch Billing

OV500 Opensource Billing Option for (Kamailio and Also Freeswitch) 

So OV500 Billing Alternative layout and designed for FreeSWITCH and Kamailio. 

 Assistance Substantial quantity of forecasts stream 

Option payable for Residential, Retail VoIP Option, Indoor, and Call-center Route suppliers


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Higher Level Routing, Phone Ranking 

Integral Cost Gateway 

Agree with the demonstration of the charging system together with the below portal site 

Numerous Kinds of confirming Alternative Readily Available from the machine for example<span

SIPUser title and Password confirm

SIPUser title and Password confirm using IP limitation 

Ip Address confirm 

Auth by dialing routine, Freeswitch billing

Auth by Resource Amount routine 


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Account Administration, Freeswitch billing

Robust design, and style to deal with the machine. Numerous kinds of reports, access rights, and small business opportune. 

OV500 Gives Adaptive configuration choice to take care of Tariff and Charges together with day and time established possibilities. 

Carriers, Freeswitch billing

OV500 Offers Choice to configure the provider along with Gateway server Ip Address to track. And also terminate the requirements to open source PSTN system and Get the in Bound DIDs’ Phone Calls.

Telephone Ranking & Billing 

OV500 Offers High precision while in the real-time telephone evaluation and charging. Assistance 0 decimal billing with multi-currency.


Fully automatic accounts announcement. So, Usage together with expense calculation and charging creation for a postpaid and prepaid account.

Adaptive and innovative routing choices to manually configure. Also, handle both the paths according to path Concern, LCR, Load-balancing, and also Loss Less routing


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Cost Gate Way 

Firstly, One-click makes it possible for a pre-integrated pay pal payment gateway. 

 Secondly, DID charging and support together with all the incoming telephone expenses (Freeswitch billing).

 Thirdly, World Wide Web User Interface.

Light Weight GUI made in PHP with the CI frame.

Internet speed

By making all of your calls through the Internet, VoIP increases your Internet speed, Freeswitch billing. While providing you with even greater reliability, Freeswitch billing. This results in fewer dropped calls and a better overall service experience.

So One of the major advantages of using VoIP is that. You can dial a toll-free number for any reason FreeSWITCH billing.  You don’t have to put up with missed calls or people shouting at each other. Nor do you have to deal with vague and insistent ringtones.

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Most important, whether you’re calling a business or a family member. There’s no longer any need to have a specific location, phone number, Freeswitch billing. Or fax machine to dial.

When you take advantage of the VOIP services. You can leave your desk, get on the phone, and make a call from anywhere in the world.


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