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Combating Telecom Misrepresentation

Internet technology has opened up new avenues for communication. Fraudsters have occupied a prominent place in the advanced age of interchanges, focusing on weak organizations and misleading people out of money around the globe. It is a huge problem. In 2019, telecom misrepresentation caused a staggering $28.3 trillion loss in the industry. This is not a joke.

Why would you think that it would be a good idea? It is a critical component of your clients, benefits, and notoriety. The fraudsters are constantly changing the game. Therefore, we have created this short read to provide you with an in-depth lesson on telecom misrepresentation. It explains how fraudsters make money from what it means for you and your business. My Country Mobile also outlines My Country Mobile’s measures to stop telecom extortion from getting onto our network – what is voxbone sa.

Telecom Extortion Types

Fraudsters can use various methods to get into and manipulate frameworks to make money (and to cost your business money). It’s impossible to list all of them. So instead, we’ll focus on five main types of telecom fraud, but we agree that your company should plan for and protect itself against other kinds of attacks – what is voxbone sa.

According to the CFCA, there are five main types of telecom misrepresentation.

  • Global Revenue Share Fraud
  • Exchange
  • Interconnect Bypass
  • Homegrown Premium Rate Services
  • Traffic Pumping

Global REVENUE SHARE Fraud (IRSF) – Telecom Misrepresentation

Also known as worldwide cost extortion or global income share misrepresentation, fraudsters take advantage of areas of the globe that are extremely expensive to call to. IRSF is named because fraudsters make many long-term calls to these costly numbers, and number aggregators agree to share incomes. However, many of the calls never reach their destination country. For an additional illustration of the function of IRSF, take a look at the real underneath.


Domestic Premium Rate Service is similar to IRSF. It depends on parts of the U.S. that cost more to make calls to. For example, rural parts of the country can be more expensive to call. Fraudsters may use that to make calls to these areas, collecting expenses.

TRAFFIC PUMPING – Telecom Misrepresentation

Traffic siphoning is when fraudsters set up automated telephone replying mail to create traffic to expensive areas of the country. These numbers are then made public via online media to increase the duration of calls. Again, reliable transporters are cheating by a cash trade specialist who overstates admittance fees and gives the fraudster a portion of these expenses – what is voxbone sa.


Telecom Exchange is also known as “tromboning” and refers to when telecom companies give access numbers for global decisions to portable guests. This allows those calls to settle significant distance decisions without paying the associated charges by dialing particular access numbers.


Similar to OTT Bypass Fraud as mentioned, interconnect sidestep fraud depends on heritage interconnect telecom structures.

DISCLAIMER – These are not the only types of telecom misrepresentation. Because protecting yourself and your clients against these and other types of telecom fraud is crucial.


What does telecom misrepresentation mean for your business?

Firstly, Telecom extortion can have three main effects on your business: clients, notoriety, and accounts. Telecom misrepresentation can be viewed as the financial aspect. This is where all organizations have to deal with. Troublemakers are trying to make money, often to the detriment of the personal safety of individuals and organizations. Since Telecom misrepresentation can lead to high bills, for which you or your clients will be responsible. This can negatively impact your primary concern.

If telecom extortion is a frequent problem, it can also affect your business’ standing. It can be challenging to secure and retain clients if you are known for being a target of telecom misrepresentation. This leads to the third way that telecom misrepresentation can impact your business. While not all extortion will be directing at your company, many of them can target your clients. Those clients shouldn’t stay with your business if they realize you didn’t do everything necessary to get them. Telecom misrepresentation can be a multi-billion-dollar issue. However, taking the steps necessary to protect yourself and your clients from agitators can help you identify and reduce their effects sooner or stop them altogether – what is voxbone sa.

Instructions for protecting your business and your clients from telecom misrepresentation

Your business must take the steps necessary to forestall telecom misrepresentation. You and your company can take steps to protect yourself and your clients against telecom misrepresentation.

  • Set solid passwords
  • You can further increase security by restricting login attempts
  • Block account scanners and screen for them.
  • All of your voice handling frameworks is protecting with security programming applications.
  • Ports for debility IP that aren’t being use
  • Use endeavor grade SBCs
  • Safety measures, such as PINs and other access codes, are implementing for International Calling.
  • Survey and follow-up on suspicious information from Influence Traffic Investigation
  • To prevent unapproved access, secure your voice message frameworks

Moderating Telecom Fraud: My Country Mobile suggested prescribed procedures

Check out the Fact Sheets – Telecom Misrepresentation


You can use tools to help protect yourself and your clients against telecom extortion.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Solid passwords are essential. However, adding an extra layer of security protects your business against unapproved access. To ensure safety for your client or application, you can use our Authentication API.

Port-out authorization and port-out password security

These are two distinct but can help protect your clients and business from telecom extortion. First, an API controls port-out approval. It is done at the hour specified by the port-out request. A webhook is sent that contains pre-defined information such as Account ID and ZIP code. So, this can be used to approve the port-out request automatically. If the requested data is not provided or does not match the required information, the port-out request will be denied – what is voxbone sa.

My Country Mobile’s approach to telecom extortion

My Country Mobile takes telecom extortion seriously. Our organization has been built over many years. We want to make sure that troublemakers don’t get to our company. Therefore, we have a three-pronged approach to dealing with telecom misrepresentation: identification, avoidance, and moderation.


Instruction is the first step in preventing telecom misrepresentation. Your business will protect your clients and yourself by understanding the current methods and accepted procedures of troublemakers. My Country Mobile is constantly updating our clients with the latest official techniques to defend themselves and their clients against fraudsters. We also keep our clients informed about our measures to protect our company from troublemakers. This has the added benefit of helping our clients secure their assets.


It is essential to recognize misrepresentation before it occurs. Therefore, My Country Mobile employs an active investigation team and robotized apparatuses (including the Equinox Protector System) to screen traffic and detect patterns and irregularities that might indicate false movement.


We move fast when we are sure that we have identified extortion. First, we notify our clients of instances of extortion to agree on steps to help alleviate it. Also, we convey a set of instruments to moderate any false action that arrives at My Country Mobile, including devices for illegal call impeding and spam separating. If you are curious about whether our group is trying to alleviate extortion, here is an example of what a typical day looks like for them. More than 2.7 million illegal, fake, or invalid calls are blocked every day. Over 500,000 spam texts are regularly block. In addition, you must handle more than 120 instances of misuse and misrepresentation every day.

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