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If you are using an IP phone system oreka like the IPCS or IPCONET, which is also known as “Iron,” then you already know that “Ice” is also an important VoIP application. However, many small businesses are not aware of the third application when they use the Iron VoIP software. 

Oreka is a software application, which is similar to the other VoIP phone systems, such as Iron and IPCONET. However, unlike the other two methods, Oreka offers functionality that can be used with every VoIP provider in the world. 

Oreka” is a shortened form of “Orissa,” which is an ethnic group in South India. It was first created as Indian citizens, and it is still popular to this day. It is also one of the top three most downloaded VoIP applications on the Internet. 

As you probably know, the word “Oreka” means “wooden structure”, and it was created to describe the quality of this particular application. Although the name Oreka is quite descriptive, it is the features this application provides are much more than just the ability to route voice calls over IP. 


The second feature that “Oreka” offers is the ability to route voice calls through certain software applications. Because it is used by many small businesses. It was necessary for the developers to come up with a way to integrate other applications and scripts. They did this by creating something called Oreka scripting. wanted to call your spouse’s cell phone, you could do this by simply dialling into the application and saying “call my spouse’s cell phone.” You would then be transferred to the ITCS (Internet Telephony System) application, which would take your phone number and send a text message to your spouse’s cell phone asking if he/she wants to make a voice call. In this way, you did not need to use any other phone number. Since the application took care of this automatically. 

Another feature that “Oreka” offered was the ability to route text messages over VoIP. Because VoIP makes text messaging very fast and very efficient. Many people are turning to VoIP as their primary method of sending and receiving messages. 

Easy solution

Oreka” provided an easy solution to this problem by allowing you to route messages from other applications through your VoIP telephone. All you needed to do was to dial your favourite VoIP provider, and then, within a few seconds, you would have your text messages delivered to your cell phone. 

Oreka” also provided an easy way to configure your voicemail application. You would just enter the number of the voicemail message you want to receive. And the voice mail number, and the application would do the rest. 

These are only some of the many features that you can use businesscommunication. WhenVoIP insteadof traditional telephone services, knowwhat kind of VoIP provider will be best for your needs. 

In addition to knowing about the applications and features. You also need to know what features the VoIP provider has to offer. Even if you have an IP telephone. You will want to make sure that the VoIP provider you use has features. Such as call conferencing, MPLS and NAT type networks. 

It is obvious that the name “Orissa” is a bit misleading, but that does not mean that the software is not good. If you are interested in improving your telephony, it is important to know more about the features that an “Orista” phone can provide.  see also rfp. and you Can Also Visit it Write an RFP for a Hosted VoIP Phone System and Vega3000g