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Operator Panel

Flash Operator Panel displays details on your Asterisk PBX activity in actual time using a standard web browser using Flash plugin. The exhibit and button design are more configurable, so you could do have 100 buttons onto the display screen at the same time. In addition, it supports contexts: you are able to get a server jogging and lots of distinct client screens (such as hosted PBX, unique sections ( and so forth ). It might track a few asterisk servers at the same time. It might incorporate with CRM applications, simply by showing up on an internet site (and departure the CLID) if a predetermined switch is already ringing, and also, it is utilized to make it possible for click-to-dial for web-based software. see also intercom feature.

You May view in a glance:

What extensions are both active, ringing or accessible

Who’s speaking to whom (clid, circumstance, Concern )

SIP registration Standing and reachability

Meet Place standing (amount of consumers ) from the area

Queue Standing (amount of consumers awaiting )

Communication Ready Indicator and rely

Parked stations

Logged in brokers or lien associates

Very Last forecast particulars

Particulars for information and brokers

You May Execute those activities:

Hang up a station (double-click on the colored dot onto the button)

Move a telephone via drag&drop (drag the telephone on the button into Some Other display ) . see also saul call.

Originate Phone Calls through drag&fall

Barge on a telephone Utilizing drag&fall

Establish the caller identification if shifting or originating a telephone

Routinely pop-up webpage together with client information texting

Click-To-Dial, click a web connection to flame a dial control

Establish the complete timeout to get a telephone once moving

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