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Perhaps you have configured SSO with the preview. My country end-point? Learn exactly to upgrade your current setup with all the Flex SSO Migration manuals. Staying Inside of Okta, then Make a Software. Navigate to the “Programs” tab and then click on the “Insert app,” after which”Produce New application.” Next, pick a SAML 2.0 hint online procedure.

Sign up for a programmer account in Okta

Shades are made with’s traditional UI. You may swap to vintage appearance having a dropdown at the upper corner. Suppose you would instead modify to Vintage UI. In that case, your practical experience may differ from that explained in the subsequent informative article, and a few functionalities may perhaps not be reachable.

Supply the Application Form a title, for example, My country mobile Flex. Publish a descriptive emblem if necessary.

Create Fundamental Settings to your Applying. 

Establish Viewers URI into country Alter the Account SID (ACxxxx) together with your actual Account SID. The Default RelayState ought to abandon sterile. The Program User-Name may be an electronic mail, Okta User-Name, or something otherwise exceptional.

Please make sure both the Answer and Assertion are Signed (in Okta, you may see them underneath Advanced Preferences ). We don’t now encourage Assertion Encryption S O; please place that since Unencrypted.

Configure Promises (Okta SSO)

Promises are key-value pairs that the id Provider claims to become authentic into this application. Flex employs the following to ascertain the crucial info regarding every Flex consumer.  Take nearby regulations, such as keeping information, and just provide info related to Flex utilization. Find out on the subject of My country mobile’s online privacy Policy.

You May configure from specifying a”functions” feature invoices through the Okta button beneath’Attribute Statements’ category, Voice  such as this: For your full_name Price, You’ll Need to leverage Okta’s”Okta Expression Language” syntax to unite a Very First and last name in a few of These manners:

Toll-Free voice PBX

Characteristics of Flex

You do perhaps not need to specifically maintain a UserId, because it’s in the petition. Once you have identified the job, Flex will upgrade the Employee features using each robust SSO authentication. Once an individual is established, you have to put a job significance with their userType part in Okta. Available functions are representative, admin, along with manager.

You can incorporate numerous functions for individuals by dividing their respective tasks by commas. Desire to find out more? Watch the documentation identification Characteristics for more details regarding pruning Characteristics and other potential Worker features.

Click Look at Setup directions. (Okta SSO)

Copy Id Provider Solitary Sign-On URL, Identification Company Issuer, and Certificate info. Now you want this advice to configure Flex to use this Program. To assign a recently made program to an individual, browse the applications/Applications’ menu and click on the publish Programs button. Inside this case, while the region of the mission procedure, we simplify the default option username as email into your customized username.

Catch the URLs you noticed in measure four and set up SSO over the Flex Console solitary Sign-on configuration web page. Be Certain That the My country mobile SSO URL Discipline matches the value you supply in Okta to get SAML Single-sign-on URL. To learn more about migrating out of your preview. 

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