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Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone

Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone!?

It’s not in the car or at the office. It’s not between the couch cushions. Not Between Therefore Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone sure that Fluffy didn’t eat it. It isn’t swimming in the toilet. Losing your cell phone is an absolute nightmare. It’s annoying, inconvenient, and stressful. If you’re a small business owner, the phone is your lifeline, full of client and vendor info, calendars, and more. Before marching down to your local wireless store and spending big bucks on getting a new one, consider the following to locate your phone. If your wireless carrier provides this service, you can find out the approximate location of the phone. Register the telephone with This recovery service connects losers and finders of phones. You will need to provide the IMEI number (in most owners’ manuals or by contacting your wireless carrier).

Call your phone from a friend’s cell or landline. If you hear a phone with a familiar ring tone, it’s probably yours. Contact everyone you met with the day your phone went missing. Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone includes taxi services and mass transit lost and found departments if you however on the subway or public bus. If you stopped at the park to feed the pigeons or broke a sweat at the gym, go back to see if anyone turned in a missing phone. Apple’s iOS6 has to Find My iPhone, allowing users to find their phone in a pinch, but it has to be switched on. Find My Friends and Google Latitude are both linked to GPS. If you have friends on these networks, check from their phones. This will only work if the phone is turned on.

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Just because you lost your phone doesn’t mean you’re safe from losing it again, so prepare yourself with savvy apps and protective measures. Use passwords similarly codes to access your phone. Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone simple act of enabling a password or PIN on the phone can save you a tremendous amount of hassle. You may be able to set security on the phone so that if someone tries the wrong password a certain number of times, the phone is automatically wiped. Create backup files for client/vendor and other contact information. Create a simple spreadsheet and take some time each week to update with new information. Send a polite text message. Provide meet-up details (choose a public place for safety), a time to meet, and similarly perhaps a small however reward. Enable tracking software.

Put your phone in the same place similarly every night- on a nightstand, kitchen counter, or on a charging cradle. Therefore way, you’ll know where to find it. Install apps like Find My iPhone or Lookout (both free) to track your phone from your PC. This is very useful if your wireless carrier doesn’t provide tracking software. Consider phone insurance. If you’re prone therefore to losing your phone, it might be a good idea to get insurance. Not Between The Couch Cushions- Where Is My Phone wireless carriers carry insurance so that you can get a new phone for a much lower price. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who has lost their phone. It’s easy to lose when you bring it everywhere, and there are loads of solutions available to help you out.

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