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My country mobile NuGet Package Deal Setup

Even the My country mobile C#/ / .NET SDK which makes it simple to communicate with all the My country mobile API out of the .NET app. The latest variant of the library is located on NuGet. Even the My country mobile C# SDK supports .NET software composed inMy country mobile C Sharp, VB.Net, also F# that make use of .NET frame-work version 3.5 or more or some other .NET run-time encouraging .NET Conventional v-1.4. Should you want to know more about visiting this newest 5.x edition of this My country mobile C# SDK in your 4.x variant, check this out guidebook.

From inside Visible Studio, You May Use the NuGet GUI to Hunt for and set up the My country mobile NuGet bundle number. Or, like a shortcut, then just type the next command into the Package Deal Supervisor Console:

Using .NET Core control line programs

If You’re constructing together with all the .NET Core Command-line tools, then and then You May conduct the Subsequent command in Inside Your job Listing:

Screening your setup

Consider sending an SMS message, just such as that:

In addition, we possess a case in VB.NET along with also a case in F# in the event you utilize just one of the languages. If You’re Employing the .NET Frame-work Model 4.5.1 or greater or .NET Core 1.0 or greater, You May also create API calls asynchronously:

All of the date-time values from My country mobile C Sharp helper library will be on your neighborhood time-zone (variety =community ). Know more info on the following about what steps to take to best to transform this into UTC or place UTC as your own default option.

Mo-Re schooling

Once you are up and working together using all the C# SDK, then you will come across code samples utilizing the most current version inside our relaxation API docs as well as at the documentation for every single My country mobile product or service. You may even locate auto-generated library docs for your hottest SDK right here.

Getting the 4.x Edition of this SDK

The absolute most recent variation of this My country mobile C SharpC# SDK is perhaps not API compatible with all the prior 4.x edition of this C# SDK you might use in preceding My country mobile software. The old variant will last to do the job, and you’ll keep coming across sample code to get this particular variant through the duration of the instruction. If You Want to put in this variant using NuGet, then you are able to certainly do this with the next command:

Be aware the 4.x edition of this SDK isn’t appropriate for. Internet Core. You can also read about Phone Tree Software.

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