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Mobile Call Center Urbanladder Support

Metropolitan Ladder uses My Country Mobile to improve the client experience. Urban ladder track order, India’s leading online furniture retailer, sells home styling themes and furniture. Their strength is their customer care. They are highly attentive to their clients from the moment they submit a request until they transmit it. Urban Ladder was founded in 2012 by Rajiv Srivatsa and Ashish Goel. It has seen remarkable growth since its founding. Urban Ladder is currently in 19 urban communities also plans to expand to 30 by 2016.

Introduction to urban ladder track order

It is vital to keep clients happy in any business. After all, the urban ladder believes that 234 areacode needs clients are more important than other things. Nandini Vishwanath (Director of Customer Care) began to look into her options and found My Country Mobile. My Country Mobile was looking for a reliable, versatile, and adaptable item. Nandini decided to work with My Country Mobile to improve client service and collaborate. A Scalable Single Number for Customer Care


Metropolitan Ladder needed a single number that all its representatives could use. Hence, this would require multiple flexible numbers with a single client-facing number.


Urban Ladder solved his problems using the My Country Mobile cloud communications arrangement. They were now able to connect multiple numbers to one client-facing number. As a result, urban ladder’s help specialists quickly and judiciously took calls from My Country Mobile. Incredibly, you can use any phone number to make calls. So, for example, if a phone’s battery runs out, you can easily change it and use another number to get calls.

Empowering Remote Workers in the urban ladder to track order


Metropolitan Ladder’s support specialists required the option to telecommute, or more often, move to another city. Because the phone lines are within the workplace, working from anywhere outside the office with a standard call community is impossible. Metropolitan Ladder would have a short staff if a part of their team couldn’t work remotely. They needed an answer to this.


My Country Mobile cloud-based assistance assisted urban ladder. However, My Country Mobile, cloud-based aid, can be reached remotely with a web network. This cloud-based help greatly aided urban ladder’s representatives. They can telecommute and voyage while using the internet. Hence, this means that specialists and representatives no longer have to be tied to their work areas, making their jobs much more accessible.

Don’t miss customer calls.


Following client, conversations are a crucial concern for Urban Ladder as clients are their primary concern. Therefore, they need to follow up on missed calls to contact clients immediately.


Urban Ladder can follow calls made by specialists using My Country Mobile. If a specialist misses a call while they’re occupied, they will know what their identity should be. Nandini’s group might also follow the brings using My Country Mobile during the week. My Country Mobile-enabled us to make sure we didn’t miss any calls. Hence, this is because My Country Mobile has the information of all guests. However, this means that no matter how many missed calls we make, My Country Mobile will send us alerts and knowledge to help us get back to them immediately.

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