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Mitel Review and its Best Substitutes

  Mitel Review and its Best Substitutes 

Are you figuring out which is the best option or an alternative to Mitel? We are here to help you. There are many options in the list which offer better attributes along with a more reasonable price. In this article, we would do a careful analysis of which options available as a substitute to mitel competitors can be best suited for your business. 


Mitel – An Introduction –

Mitel is a reliable option for businesses of any size. They offer top call center software that is perfect for customer service and sales teams. Hosted business VoIP makes communication easy and efficient for companies on the go. On premise, phone systems are perfect for businesses that want more control over their communications. 

Mitel is the #1 business phone system provider in the world. Mitel has a product for every size of business, from small to enterprise. The products are feature-rich and easy to use. It l is a global company with over 40 years of experience


Mitel for Call Centres –

Mitel helps connect customers with businesses through multiple channels

 Mitel’s products offer flexibility in how businesses can reach and communicate with their customers It provides support for customer service representatives through various channels. mitel competitors also help businesses retain and attract new customers

We will focus on the following topics today:


  • MiCloud Flex
  • MiCloud Engage
  • MiContact Enterprise


MiCloud Flex Attributes –  

With MiCloud, you can have a talented team of customer service agents who are located anywhere in the world. You don’t need to worry about having an office or hiring in-house staff. By using the cloud, we can provide around-the-clock customer service coverage MiCloud is always up-to-date with the latest technology and tools, so you can be confident that your customers are being taken care of properly.

Some of their Major Attributes and Advantages include:

-Skills-based routing

-Workflow designer

-Self-service IVR

-Call recording

-Silent monitoring

-And much more!

MiCloud Flex Best Substitutes –



Save time and money with powerful, yet easy-to-use contact center features. Scale your business with ease and improve customer support with CallFire’s sophisticated reporting tools. Integrate your CRM with CallFire for a more holistic view of customer interactions. Improve the customer experience with innovative features like voice broadcast



  • MCM’s virtual call centre software is a great alternative to MiCloud Flex. It comes in 2 packages, Genius Essentials and Genius Contact, with different features. You get call recording, voicemail transcription, time of day routing, caller ID, and outbound calling among other features. If you purchase a Genius Contact seat, you will also get features such as call whisper, barge, and queuing advanced analytics mitel competitors.


MiCloud Engage Attributes –

MiCloud Engage Contact Centre is an over-the-top software that doesn’t require any installation or deployment of equipment, making it extremely customizable and easy to integrate with your current system. With the ability to integrate with your CRM, you can get valuable data to help better understand your customers and their needs. The integrated CRM system can also save you money by providing a more efficient customer service operation.


 MiCloud Engage Top Substitutes –


Talkdesk – 

Easily implementable, so your agents can be up and running in no time. Robust features include IVR, workforce management, self-service, intelligent routing, and more. Seamless CRM integrations for a deeper understanding of your customers. Uses artificial intelligence to provide insights into customer behavior.


CallTrackingMetrics – 

Know your customer’s journey and engagement with your company. Understand what marketing efforts are working and which ones need to be tweaked. Efficiently manage customer service interactions without sacrificing quality.


MiContact Enterprise Attributes – 

Get a complete solution for your contact center. Features include ACD, IVR, inbound/outbound dialing, CRM integrations, real-time reporting, and more. Fast and easy implementation. Get started with MiContact Enterprise today!

Manage all aspects of your business from a single interface. Up to 3,000 agents on a single system. Self-service options allow for changes without outside help. Quotes available upon request


MiContact Enterprise Top Alternatives – 


1 – Genesys PureConnect


 Deploy quickly and easily with a simple all-in-one architecture. Improve customer service efficiency and reduce costs. Offer a better customer experience through Omni channel communication. Integrate with existing customer management software

Save time and money with automated processes. Get a custom solution that fits your needs perfectly. Easily customizable for all your needs. Improve customer service with powerful features like CRM integrations and routing


2- Aircall 

Aircall is a complete phone system for businesses of all sizes. Aircall integrates with many popular CRM and customer support platforms.

It offers a strong feature set, including queue callbacks, skills-based routing, and more. It is simple to use and easy to set up.


Mitel Business VoIP –

 Improve communication with features like call recording and CRM integrations Save money with a business VoIP solution Get the benefits of a complete contact center solution without the added cost. Easily connect with remote team members through web conferencing


Mixcloud Connect Top Alternatives –

 Our VoIP solution is easy to use and can be set up in minutes, with no extra hardware needed. We offer a wide range of features that are perfect for businesses of all sizes, including conference calling, voicemail to email, and more.


Jive Communications –

  • Keep your business connected with VoIP services. Low cost, simple plans for small businesses. 52 countries are included in the free call plan. Custom quote for businesses with more than 100 users


 Grasshopper – 

Affordable and easy-to-use professional phone system. 3 different plans to choose from Solo, Partner, and Small Business. Customizable voicemail, extensions, and more. Integrates with popular small business software


MiVoice Connect Attributes -• MiVoice Connect is an on-premise PBX system, that allows your agents to easily and quickly connect with customers may of the features are the same as their hosted solution, including CRM integrations, call routing, attendants, and a more powerful system that is still easy for your agents to navigate MiVoice Connect can be set up in minutes

MiVoice Connect Substitutes – 

There are fewer options on the market for on-premise PBX solutions. The majority of businesses are moving to cloud-based solutions. Still, there are plenty of options on the market for you to choose from!


Conclusion – 

mitel competitors


Mitel can be a good choice due to following reasons –


-mitel competitors is a large company with a lot of experience 


-They have been successful in several industries 


-Their systems are highly scalable 


-They offer a wide range of features.