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Messagenet (message-NET) is a VoIP application that allows users to stay connected by sharing files with others. It is to be use for various purposes. A user can send emails or other data to a friend and, in return, receive an email reply. In addition, you can share files such as photos, documents, or spreadsheets with others.


Messagenet was developed by My Country Mobile and is a product of the UTM (Universal Transmitters Television). It does not utilize any hardware to enable it to work. Instead, the system requires the use of UTM technology and local area networks. Messagenet works on the local area network as long as you have internet access.

Message net work

To make Messagenet work, you need a computer UTM technology. The software also needs to be installed on your computer to work. Next, you must download the software from the internet to your computer.

Messagenet includes a file system, which is to use for file transfer. Search for files of other users in this file system. The file system supports the following file types: pdf, BMP, image, spreadsheets, and music files.

If you are already using an application called UDT, you do not need to do anything. You should set up the same settings that UDT provides. However, try out a new idea, a new setting. You should be aware of new settings that are not in UDT.


Send Messages To Messagenet

For instance, you may need a profile that allows users to send messages to Messagenet. This can be done by settings the icon in the Messagenet window. You should also UTM setting to get enable in Messagenet.

If you are using a third-party application, ensure that the settings are compatible with the third-party UTM application. If it is not consistent, it will not work.

In addition, some settings are not compatible with UTM technologies. For instance, set up the PIN that is required for each message sent. As a result, you will be in a unique field when you send a message to Messagenet.

You can share your data with others by sharing your Pin. Into other users by using VoIP software like Messagenet. Or from different phone services. You can also share your PIN from the same service provider as your original PIN. However, you will have to transfer your original PIN first.

Send Alerts

It also comes with an auto-responder. This enables you to reply to messages when they receive them automatically. In addition, Messagenet will send alerts to all your contacts By Messagenet email to sms.

Messagenet also offers features such as file sharing, contact sharing, and file list sharing. In addition, it supports file sharing features such as sending and receiving RTF (Rich Text Format) files.

Messagenet also supports features such as contact sharing. You can find others on the internet that share your interests. You can even use the Google maps function and see the location where they are located. Know more about MessageNet.  For some more information about MessageNet,visitWay Audio.